Going to a concert, or going to lots of them, is probably the one thing we’ve all got in common on our bucket lists. However, to some people who have gone ahead and surpassed that milestone a hundred times over, organizing one is the ultimate goal.

If you happen to be one of those people, you know a good concert flyer is all you need to bring in a large crowd and give them the time of their lives. The flyer designs we’ve got listed showcase some of the best ways to design a concert flyer that is sure to hit the right spots in getting your audience interested. Let our designs do their magic by downloading your favorites.

Concert Flyer Template

Crimson Concert Flyer Template

Free Rock Concert Flyer Template

Electro Concert Party Flyer Template

Free Party Concert Flyer Template

Rock Concert Fest Flyer Template

Free Electro Concert Flyer Template

Free DJ Night Concert Flyer Template

Free Hip Hop Concert Flyer Template

Indie Concert Flyer Template

Free Jazz Concert Flyer Template

Rave Music Concert Flyer Template

Free Fashion Concert Flyer Template

DJ Concert Flyer

Jazz Concert Flyer

Club Party Flyer Design

Live Concert

Acoustic Concert

Concert Flyers and Why You Need Them

Your concert flyer is the bridge you build to connect with your audience. More than just informing them of the what, where, when, and how, a good concert flyer creates an atmosphere of excitement that builds up to the day of the event.

In order to do so, one must be equipped with the right designs that can best bring out the life of the concert on paper (or digital media). If you’re wondering how you can achieve that, you must:

  1. Think about the type of concert the flyer is for. There are certain genres, bands, or artists that have a specific aesthetic and mood to them. A DJ concert tends to be more electronic and futuristic, while a jazz concert looks more soulful and intimate.
  2. Decide on your design approach. Some concert flyers look better in minimalism, while others are more expressive in detail. A minimalist design usually works for the club and rock ‘n roll scene, while detailed and thorough content works for festivals and charity flyer designs that may have unique features.

It’s important to plan ahead all the essentials for your concert flyer. The preparation is not only limited to info that will be presented through text, but also the kind of message you wish to send through your visuals.

Music Concert

Electro Concert DJ Flyer

Retro Week Night Concert

Women Conference Flyer Template

Jazz Music Concert

Charity Concert Flyer Template

Hip Hop Music

Gospel Concert Flyer Design

Acoustic Concert Flyer Poster

Rock Concert Flyer

Vintage Jazz Music Event Flyer

Rock Out with Design

In designing your concert flyers, make sure you’e got all the right features in the right places. Not all concert flyers look alike because each concert provides a unique and new experience.

  • Our Hip Hop Music concert flyer, for example, incorporates an urban look with a red color accent against monochrome.
  • Club and DJ flyers like our Club Party Flyer Design, DJ Concert Flyer, and Electro Concert DJ Flyer are more on the sleek minimalist look with splashes of color here and there against a plain or gradient background, with limited font styles and images.
  • Our Retro Week Night Concert and Vintage Jazz Music Event Flyer proves there’s no harm in making use of themes to better emphasize the uniqueness of your flyer design.

Once you’ve got all your concert details sorted out, learn to be strategic and playful at the same time when designing your concert flyers. There’s plenty of ways to up your game and stand out from the crowd.

Our concert flyer designs are here to help you achieve your own unique look. Don’t hesitate to download your preferred designs.

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