There is no denying that flyers are a useful way of marketing an event. Admittedly, they do not have the range of other forms of advertising, like television and online ads. But that should not be taken to mean that flyers cannot be as effective a method. There are still some ways in which flyers can be of use, and there are artistic flyer designs that speak to their effectiveness in those roles.

One advantage of using flyers for advertising is its scale. Flyers are close to the ground, so to speak. This means that flyer advertising is capable of targeting people directly. In that case, it would be important for flyer designs to be attention-grabbing, if only so that they can serve well as advertising tools.

Party Event Flyer Template

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Summer Beach Flyer Template

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Summer Beach Party Flyer Template

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 Event Flyer Template

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Fashion Event Flyer

Fashion Show Event Flyer

Minimal Fashion Event Flyer

Conceptional Party Event Flyer

Fusion Fashion Event Flyer

Conference Event Flyer

Women’s Conference Event Flyer

Event Summit Conference Flyer

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Club Event Flyer

Night Club Event Flyer

Club Party Event Flyer

Ladies Night Club Event Flyer

DJ Club Event Flyer

Retro Club Event Flyer

Party Event Flyer

Party Time Event Flyer

Free Party Event Flyer

Christmas Party Event Flyer

White Party Event Flyer

New Year Party Event Flyer

What are Event Flyer Designs?

To put is simply, flyers are short, informational pamphlets that can be distributed to large numbers of people for the purposes of advertising or informing people about something. It is a well-known fact that flyers can be made for practically any purpose including marketing flyer template designs, and by businesses as seen with gym flyer designs and catering flyer designs, for example. Most people should be familiar with business flyers. In many public places, employees can sometimes be seen handing out flyers to passersby.

Of course, flyers are not simply limited to advertising for businesses. Anything that needs advertising can make ready use of flyers to spread the word. This can be an especially effective strategy, as it allows organizers and employees to directly engage with their target audience. Psychologically, this can make advertising easier, as people on the street can be made to feel more involved in whatever is being advertised.

It is also possible to use flyers as a means of advertising for events. This is an especially effective use of flyers, as it can market the event toward people who may be interested. If the event is a local one, organizers can even have personnel distribute flyers in public to drum up more publicity. Given that event flyers should be seen as tools for advertising, it makes sense that they would be used to grab the attention of more people.

Approaches to Design

There are a variety of ways to attract people to attend events; most of these ways have to do with how the flyer is designed. After all, advertising relies on interesting presentation to grab people’s attention, at least in part. Some approaches flyers can use to make themselves that kind of interesting include:

  • Prominent Cover Subject – One way of attracting attention, for flyers or anything else, is to feature something related to the subject of the event on the cover of posters, flyers, or anything. For example, this can involve placing a music artist front and center of a concert flyer, to make it clear to everyone who sees it that the concert will feature that artist. This is not limited to people; if the event has to do with a holiday, for example, you can elect to place a symbol of that holiday front and center.
  • Minimalism – Or you could elect to go in the opposite direction, and adopt a minimalist style instead. This would minimize exposure to whatever your event is about, and instead trust viewers to attend based on slim details. This is not an inherently bad move, merely a different one. After all, your flyers could still be saying something by including scant details. Some kinds of events may even inherently demand minimal details anyway.
  • Festive Theme – Another way of grabbing attention is to give your flyers a particular theme. It may be that the theme is related to that of the event proper, so it would be fitting for the theme of the flyer to match that of the event. This gives would-be attendees an idea of what to expect from the event. This approach is especially appropriate for holiday-themed events, as a festive theme can definitely reinforce whatever holiday is being celebrated.

Music Event Flyer

Rock Music Event Flyer

Free Music Event Flyer

Jazz Music Event Flyer

Retro Music Event Flyer

Free Event Flyer

Free Education Fair Event Flyer

Free Church Event Flyer

Free Printable Artist Music Event Flyer

Free Event Service Business Flyer

Professional Event Flyer

Professional and Modern Event Flyer

Professional Business Event Flyer

Network Event Flyer Template

Valentine Event Flyer

Valentine Dinner Party Event Flyer

Valentine Day Event Flyer

Valentine Event Flyer Poster

Church Event Flyer

Risen Church Event Flyer

Church Youth Ministry Flyer

3 in 1 Church Event Flyer

Church Event Flyer PSD

Business Event Flyer

Business Event Flyer & Poster

Seminar Business Event Flyer

Multipurpose Business Event Flyer

Business Event Flyer PSD

Do It Yourself Event Flyer Designs

If you wanted to make your own flyer designs, there are a number of features that you would need to add to them if you wanted them to make high quality flyer mockups for sampling purposes. Most flyers, including free PSD flyer templates , have certain design features they possess that are responsible for making them so effective at what they do. It is also important that these features be here so that they can help viewers understand what the flyer is talking about; a flyer may be an advertising tool, but it should also go some way in giving the event some much-needed context. Some of these features can include:

  • Subject – Any event is naturally about something, and whatever that thing is, it should feature prominently on the event’s flyers. For example, if the flyer is a birthday party flyer, that should be featured prominently on the flyer. That is not to say that the flyer needs to have an image of the thing featured on it, but at the least, there should be a sign to let readers know what the event is about, and succinctly. The event cannot be promoted properly if casual passersby do not even know what the event is about.
  • Description – Just to give the event more context, it may be necessary to add a brief description of what the event. If the event is not immediately clear, some description would help in letting people who read the flyer understand. A better understanding may even help people decide whether they want to attend the event or not.
  • Details – Of course, being an event, it would be necessary to add some relevant details, for the benefit of explaining some of the minutiae of the event. This includes the time and place of the event, so that people know that. It does not help your reputation to have people be set to attend only to find out that the date and time were incorrect somehow. Miscellaneous details should also be included, like possible entry fees, contact information, dress code, and others.
  • Who’s Who – If the event concerns particular people, it would be a good idea to feature them on the flyer so that the public would know. This is distinct from an event around a specific person, as this is simply for contributors to the event, such as speakers who may be attending the event, and whom people may wish to hear speak.

Summer Event Flyer

Free Summer Event Flyer

Summer Holiday Event Flyer

Summer Beach Event Flyer

Summer Drinks Event Party Flyer

Summer Music Event Flyer

School Event Flyer

Back to School Event Flyer


School Fun Event Flyer

Junior School Admission Event Flyer

Old School Gold Event Flyer

Charity Event Flyer

Hope4Life Charity Event Flyer

Charity Foundation Event Flyer

Kids Home Charity Event Flyer

Free Charity Event Flyer

Holiday Event Flyer

Holiday Festival Event Flyer

Holiday Cheers Event Flyer

Sports Event Flyer

Live Sports Event Flyer

Sports Event Flyer PSD

Multipurpose Sports Event Flyer

Games Sports Event Flyer

Yoga Event Flyer

Yoga and Meditation Flyer Template

Health & Fitness Flyer

DJ Event Flyer

Night Club DJ Event Flyer

Live DJ Event Flyer

DJ Music Event Flyer

Vintage Event Flyer

Vintage Jazz Event Flyer

Vintage Wine Event Flyer

Vintage Event Flyer PSD

Vintage Night Event Flyer

Vintage Carnival Event Flyer

Types of Flyer Designs

It should be noted that there are a vast multitude of possible flyer designs, as there a proportional number of events that the flyers could be concerned with. The possible flyer designs can include charity flyer templates or graduation party flyer designs. Of course, these flyers should be well-made and possibly examples of elegant flyer designs, the better to attract more people to attend. Some of those potential designs include:

  • Fashion Show Designs – For those with an interest in fashion, these flyers can tell you about fashion shows well in advance, so that you can prepare ahead. These flyers can give you important information you may need, such as time and place, and which designers will be there, so that you can plan accordingly. Those with an interest in such matters would do well to catch these events so as to keep up with current and future trends.
  • Conference and Seminar Designs – Businessmen and other professionals occasionally attend such events like these. These functions allow professionals to meet with peers and share ideas, as well as meet with veterans of their field and gain tips from the veterans. Flyers would be useful here so that attendees can make sure to catch the events; this is important, since, at best, these events only happen every so often, so missing one would be a blow.
  • Club Designs – Prestigious night clubs, in a bid to attract more people, may also distribute flyers in the hopes more people visit. This is more the case if the club should have events of some kind. In those cases, the club would want more customers coming.
  • Party Designs – Some prestigious parties may also print out flyers so as to make people more aware of them. These are probably less parties per se, and more concerts of some kind. In any case, the organizers would be very interested in having people attend.
  • Concert Designs – Musical artists also have live performances from time to time, and whenever they do, they would be interested in attracting people to watch. These events are paid events, and the artists and their publishers would be interested in having people watch. Aside from making money from the concert itself, this is a good way of promoting that particular artist.
  • Holiday Designs – Some events are specifically tied to certain times the of year, such as holiday-specific events. These can include Christmas parties, Valentine’s themed events, and others. Of course, it would be a good idea to promote the event well before the season, so as to have more time for everyone to prepare for it.
  • Sporting Event Designs – Sporting events are another kind of event that would have a vested interest in promotion. Many people in general tend to care a great about their sporting events, and would be interested in being informed about such events so as to watch.

One can see that there are more people who benefit from flyers than just the organizers. After all, flyers exist for more than just the people who distribute the flyers; being that the flyers are meant to inform people, it goes without saying that the attendees also benefit from these flyer designs, however indirectly. After all, these designs may be able to spur those attendees into watching the event in the first place.

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