Reliving the 80’s and 90’s disco parties, themes, and culture can be a great thing. A great way to reminisce those days is by organizing a disco party for your family, friends, and other guests you may want to invite. Tired of making invitations? Then disco party flyers are what you need!

Here, we share with you some disco flyer designs you can download and use with ease, as well as Free PSD Flyer designs you can use if you plan to create your designs using Adobe software programs. Scroll down below to start choosing the perfect design.

Disco Party Flyer

Club Flyer Design

Disco Event Flyer

Night Party

Down for Disco Flyer Designs

Providing you with a variety of disco flyer design templates is our priority to save you the hassle from creating your own designs yourselves, and numerous templates will help you create different types of flyers designs for different disco themed parties. If you are hosting your own disco themed party, or if you want more templates other than DJ Flyer Design that mainly features DJ’s, then you can check out some of the designs we have below:

  • Disco party flyer – These types of flyer design templates are most frequently used for disco themed parties. These designs are very direct and straightforward, displaying a fun and party-inspired layout while maintaining space for you to add your personal touches, details and information.
  • Club flyer design – You can often find these types of designs being used for club events, specifically for retro or disco themed parties. Since club parties are big events, the flyers usually include several names and images of sponsors, featured DJ’s for the day (or days if the event is held longer), neon colors for the backgrounds, and other necessary information.
  • Electro disco flyer – These types of flyer designs are often used for outdoor club parties. These templates have bright colors to create a summer approach balanced with neon details to maintain the classic disco theme.


Retro Disco Flyer Template

Electro Disco Flyer

Pop Disco Flyer Design

Disco Flyer Template PSD

Disco Music Flyer

What to Place in Your Flyers

Creating a unique Club Party Flyer won’t be enough to attract guests to attend your event, but placing accurate information will also be a good point for guests to understand what your party will be about, and if it’s worth attending. Below are some details you will have to place in your flyers to keep guests well-informed:

  • Attire – Your guests will have to know what attire they should wear to your party. It would also be advisable on what your guests should expect in your party. It would be helpful to warn them if they have to bring extra clothes if needed.
  • Time, date and venue – These details are self-explanatory since these are required in every single flyer for an event. It would be useless if you inform people that you have an event yet there are no additional details about when and where it will take place.
  • Theme – It would be advisable if you were able to place a theme for your event so that guests can have an idea on what to expect in your party. It will also give them an idea on the possible activities your event will be having. Themes also give the guests an idea on what to wear.

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