For businesses aiming to promote their numerous products, services, or the company itself, different methods are usually used to attract potential customers and returning ones. What better method to use by being able to distribute your very own corporate flyers?

We provide you with a variety of business flyer templates you can use to create your own and attract your potential customers. Our flyers are organized to be used in different corporate settings, where you might need a couple of designs to choose from as well. Feel free to scroll down below for more information about the different flyers provided and where they can be used for.

Corporate Event Flyer

Business Flyer Design

Corporate Party

Corporate Training Flyer

Variety of Corporate Flyers

With all these types of corporate flyer templates available, one can create multiple designs with ease. These templates also help users who are inexperienced with making their own flyers do the job without a hassle. This saves a lot of time from manually creating all the detailed flyers yourself. Below are some of the corporate flyers you can download and use:

  • Corporate flyer event. These types of corporate flyers are the most common ones, as you are able to place in a bit of your company history, products, and other services you want to include. The designs can also help you attract multiple viewers due to its abstract and minimal kind of approach, which lets your viewers equally focus on both designs and details.
  • Corporate party. You can often find these types of corporate flyers being used for company parties. These are usually placed on company bulletin boards, or sent as an email. The template’s designs may contain neon colors to signify a club kind of theme, or bright colors to represent a summer theme.
  • Corporate training flyer. These types of corporate flyer designs are basically used for training or seminars, and are also considered as professional flyers due to its design and contain more details than images, perfect for training promotions.

Creative Corporate Flyer

Landscape Corporate

Modern Corporate Flyer Design

Clean Corporate Flyer

Simple Corporate

Business Solution Flyer

Where to Use Your Flyers

Creating a unique flyer is one thing, but being to place your flyers in effective locations is another. It is essential that you are able to place your flyers in the perfect locations for the public to notice. Below are some examples of locations or areas to place your corporate flyers:

  • Office bulletin boards. The most common location to place your flyers are through office bulletin boards or commercial building bulletin boards, where most people pass by. The better your design will look like, the more chances of it to be noticed even from afar.
  • Distribute flyers in public places. Another common way to distribute your flyers is by giving them away in public places where most people walk by. This would also be an easy process to disseminate your flyers, as most people would just pass by and get one copy for their own.
  • Use social media as your medium. The use of social media serves a great advantage in promoting company events or programs, as you are able to share your flyers through different platforms and can spread within days through sharing of the same promotion by different people.

An event flyer would be different, as you purely promote an event, it can either be a formal or a non-formal event, and designs for your flyer would differ. As much as possible, flyer designs would also need to look creative to attract more potential guests or customers.

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