One of the first few steps of having a successful business is gaining a set of clientele. In order to do that, you have to get the word out that you actually exist as a company that provides quality service; and one of the best ways to do that is through flyers.

Service flyers make people aware of your company and all the ways they can avail your service. They are comprehensive, creative, and can also be added means for advertising. With our flyer designs, come up with the best service flyer that can truly bring people closer to your company.

Cleaning Service Flyer

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Flyer

Eco Cleaning Service Flyer

Carpet Cleaning Service Flyer

House Cleaning Services Flyer

Service Business Flyer

Automobile Service Business Flyer

Why Make Service Flyers?

A service flyer is a handy tool for all your handy services and more. Making one is bound to be advantageous to your company and here are some of the reasons why:

  • A service flyer is one way for people to get to know you. Through your designs, people get to have an image of your company in their heads. If your designs happen to be amazing and memorable, it’s easier for people to recognize you outside of your flyers.
  • It encourages trust from customers. If your service flyer is appealing and accurate, your customers, both new and old, will find it easier to trust and value you over other competing brands.
  • A service flyer is concise and eye-catching. Well, all the good ones should be. As your flyer draws attention through refreshing designs, the content of your flyer should not lose the reader’s interest. Your content has to be substantial by providing essential information.
  • Lastly, services flyers are incredibly easy to make and can be mass produced. They don’t weigh much so readers can easily carry them around without hassle.

For you to get a good grasp of designing, you can work with our handyman flyer templates. You can also start downloading our service flyer designs to orient yourself with different formats and design methods.

Auto Service Business Flyer

Home Service Business Flyer

Business Consulting Services Flyer

Lawn Service Flyer

Lawn Care Service Flyer

Design Matters

The look of your service flyer depends on what type of service you are offering, and on the image of your company. Your approach to them also varies. If you want a minimalist, abstract, or comical approach to your service flyer, that can depend on whether or not that can bring accurately project your desired mood for your flyer.

  • Flyers for cleaning services, for example, tend to look casual and refreshing with images of smiling faces and spotless homes. The Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Flyer, Carpet Cleaning Service Flyer, and House Cleaning Services Flyer deliver their message by striking a balance between image and text.
  • Lawn care flyer designs usually have a more soothing and trustworthy image when featuring beautiful gardens and freshly-mown lawns. The Garden Service Flyer PSD has a simple approach with an image of a lawnmower in action; while the Professional Lawn Service Flyer goes into full detail with images of gardening, and covering the whole flyer in natural green.
  • There are some flyers that prefer to go into detail because their services are usually complex and need a lot of reassurance and professionalism. The Car Modification & Service Flyer, Computer Repair Flyer Template, and Handyman & Plumbing Service Flyer set the right tone for thoroughness and comprehensiveness.
  • If you believe a minimalist look to your flyer can have a bigger impact, go for the Eco Cleaning Service Flyer, Professional Computer Service Flyer, or Real Estate Services Flyer Template with limited colors and icons against a plain background and simple text.

Set an outline for all the details you want present in your flyer before going into the actual design process. You don’t want to leave anything out from potential clients, but you shouldn’t over-promise either. Learn to balance out priority info and relevant design elements.

Lawn Garden Service Flyer

Laundry Service Flyer

Quick Laundry Service Flyer

New Laundry Service Flyer

Laundry Service Flyer Design

Professional Service Flyer

Professional Lawn Service Flyer

A Few Useful Tips

There are some features in a service flyer you can use in your own flyer to ensure a receptive target market. Remember, it’s all about getting potential clients to trust your company in addressing their needs. That means reaching out to them not just through facts, but emotions.

  • Use accurate and reassuring images. Not only do they add visual appeal, but presenting images of your services and their outcome is one way to make clients feel confident about your service.
  • Present benefits. What can your clients get from your company that they can’t receive from another? You can make use of a catchy tagline or inspiring photos that can create a clear image of your edge clients can benefit from.
  • Stay professional. You can speak in a language your clients can relate to, but don’t sound too informal. Maintain professionalism to let people know you’re really in the business of providing high quality service. Hospital flyers, for example, won’t seem reliable if they sound too casual about their services involving a person’s well-being.

With that in mind, make your service flyers sensible and presentable to get people to avail your services. It’s important to stay accurate and reliable for your business to run smoothly and successfully.

Multipurpose Professional Service Flyer

Repair Service Flyer

Smartphone Repair Service Flyer

Computer Repair Service Flyer

Auto Repair Service Flyer

Plumbing Service Flyer

Handyman & Plumbing Service Flyer

Plumbing Service Flyer Template

Auto Service Flyer

Car Dealer & Auto Services Business Flyer

Auto Service Flyer Template

Church Service Flyer

Prayer Church Service Flyer

Vintage Church Service Flyer

Holiday Church Service Flyer

Church Service Event Flyer

Garden Service Flyer

Garden Service Flyer PSD

Garden Service Flyer Template

Car Service Flyer

Car Fix Service Flyer

Car Wash Service Flyer

Corporate Car Service Flyer

Car Modification & Service Flyer

Computer Service Flyer

Professional Computer Service Flyer

Computer Repair Flyer Template

Photography Services Flyer

Digital Photography Services Flyer

Photography Services Flyer PSD

Wedding Photography Services Flyer

IT Service Flyer

Computer IT Services Flyer

Handyman Services Flyer

Handyman Repair Services Flyer

Handyman Services Flyer PSD

Welding Services Flyer

Welding Services Flyer Design

Electrical Services Flyer

Electrical Services Flyer Template

Electrician Flyer Template

Construction Services Flyer

Building Construction Services Flyer

Thanksgiving Services Flyer

Harvest Thanksgiving Services Flyer

Church Harvest Thanksgiving Services Flyer

Real Estate Services Flyer

Real Estate Services Flyer Template

Real Estate Services Flyer Set

Methods of Distribution

As you start making your flyers ad your company available to the public, research ahead on all the best places to display your flyers. As much as you may want to reach as many people as possible, not all platforms are appropriate for your service flyer.

If you know who your target market is, it’s easier to figure out when and where to make your flyers visible.

  • IT services can post their flyers around technology-savvy places like work cafes and universities. Hospital flyers and medical services are best displayed in clinics, treatment centers, and health an wellness websites; while professional flyers belong in the more formal settings like office spaces, corporate events, and job fairs.
  • You can set a regular schedule for the release of your flyers—whether that’s a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Although repetition can be an effective method, bombarding your audience with too much information can lead them to block your messages.
  • Maintain an online presence and keep trying stay relevant in the physical world by being consistent with your flyers and your company brand. Make sure your flyer designs are significant to the people you are trying to reach.

In making your service flyers, keep the ball rolling from the planning stage up until the distribution phase. Don’t leave anything out or overlook any important details. Our flyer designs can help you with that by meeting you halfway, and providing layouts you can customize. Download and get started!

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