What can we expect during Christmas? For one thing, we can expect Christmas parties that are usually hosted by people running businesses or establishments, organizations, or even just groups of people. Another thing that you can expect during the Christmas season are sales or promos, wherein businesses cut the prices of their products to allow shoppers to purchase more goods while also be able to save money.

In promoting these events, while the more private and intimate ones can be done simply by word of mouth, those public events that need to be attended by a larger crowd can be promoted with the use of tools. Examples of these promotional or marketing tools include posters, banners, brochures, and flyers. If flyers are what you need, then go ahead and continue reading.

Below are eighteen of the best Christmas-themed event flyer designs that you can find all over the Internet, and to save you the time and effort in having to go to various websites for them, we have gathered them here for you. Whether you are in need of flyer designs for upcoming Christmas celebrations, parties, or discount promos, we assure you that our website has got tons of designs for any event and even more. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and check them out yourself.

Elegant Gold Ribbon Christmas Flyer Design

Check out the first Christmas party flyer design on this list, which actually makes the entire flyer look like a present because of the golden ribbons. For this design, you may be able to choose between a light or a dark color scheme, with the only similarity being the color of the ribbons and the typography. If you plan on organizing a formal Christmas party, then this elegant Christmas party flyer design may be what you need.

Red Gift Box Christmas Flyer Design

Here is another elegant-looking Christmas party flyer design that you may be able to use for promoting a formal Christmas party. This flyer design appears to be an overhead view of a red textured surface, and on the upper half of the design is a red gift box wrapped in a gold ribbon. As you can see from the image above, this design makes use of a red color scheme which may be perfect if you intend on making the motif of your party red as well.

Golden Glitters Christmas Flyer Design

Mistletoe Borders Christmas Party Flyer Design

The mistletoe has been commonly used as one of the instruments for observing a Christmas tradition, and this involves kissing a person (most likely a loved one) who is standing underneath a mistletoe. Though the tradition of kissing people under the mistletoe has long been popular in many western countries, there are also other countries that don’t have this. For the invitation flyer design above, the upper and lower borders bear shrubs of mistletoe, and the middle portion is where you can find the relevant details that are being advertised, and these include the type of event, the date and time, and the venue where the event will take place.

Mistletoe Wreath Vintage Christmas Flyer Design

Another common decoration that you can see during the Christmas season is the wreath, which could either be made out of fir leaves or mistletoe shrubs. These decorations are commonly found hung on doors, though they may also be seen on walls. For the Christmas flyer design above, the wreath is made out of mistletoe shrubs, and it contains both the leaves and its berries. One great feature about this flyer design is its watercolor-inspired elements, and its background that appears to resemble paper texture. In its entirety, this beautiful music party flyer design appears to have been done by hand, and that, of course, is a good thing.

Flat Snowman Illustration Holiday Flyer Design


If you want a flat and minimalist, but also adorable and colorful Christmas flyer design that you can conveniently customize according to your preferences, then check out the one shown above. The simple design bears an image of a happy little snowman over a hill of snow and under a red sky. As you can see from its background, it is not completely solid as there are slightly opaque images of snowflakes thrown into it. However, if you feel that the red-colored sky seem out of place, you may be able to change it to something else.

Colorful Modern Christmas Flyer Design

Newspaper Headline Christmas Flyer Design


Here is a visually stunning and artistic flyer design that is also very unique. This design is already guaranteed to catch people’s attention even without an image, a color, or too much text. As long as the important details are included on this design, then there is nothing that you need to be worried about. Just check out the flyer design above, it clearly resembles the front page of a newspaper, which makes it clever but also very effective in being able to organize it content, which is something that readers would prefer for easier reading.

Filthy Animal Christmas Flyer Design

Before you react to the text written on this Christmas flyer design, it is best to inform you that it is actually taken from a line in a movie. If you are familiar with the film Home Alone—which is appropriately set during the Christmas season—the line is actually said by a character in a movie within the movie, and is used by the protagonist to mislead other characters into thinking that people were having an argument. You may think that the scene is somewhat cruel, but it is actually hilarious if you see it for yourself. If you plan on adding some humor or pop culture elements to your flyers, then this would be a perfect design to go with.

Ice Skating Santa Christmas Flyer Design

Moon Silhouette Christmas Flyer Design

Here is a club party flyer design that shows something that resembles a scene from another widely-recognized film. If you have no idea what that film is, it is actually E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, which came out to theaters back in 1982. In one of the film’s most iconic scenes (there are a lot of them, trust me), Elliot—the film’s protagonist—try to sneak E.T. out of the house and into the forest to be able to reach out to his home planet. In this scene, E.T. uses his telekinetic powers to lift their bicycles off the ground and we see their silhouette fly across the big bright moon, similar to the image shown above but with Santa and his sleigh in place of the bike.

Vintage Christmas Market Flyer Design

Minimalist Achromatic Christmas Party Flyer Design

For those looking for a very minimalist but also effective flyer design, this may be what you are looking for. As you can see from the image above, there is a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity with its minimal use of color and the artistic elements thrown into this beautiful party flyer design. An advantage of using an achromatic design includes its easiness on the eyes, and that it requires no other fancy features to make its appearance even more attractive.

Simplistic Santa Portrait Christmas Flyer Design

Here is another minimalist holiday party flyer design that you may also be interested in. Unlike the previous one that we have shown you, this one makes use of various colors and even a patterned background. On the bottom-most edge of the design is a border of snowflakes, and the blue background itself has a slightly opaque pattern of snowflakes. On the upper portion of the design is an illustration of Santa Claus’s face, which is done in a flat and minimalist fashion, focusing only on its most dominant features which include his beard and hat.

Colorful Illustrations Christmas Party Flyer Design

Multilayered Elements Christmas Party Modern Flyer Design

For a more modern party flyer design, the one above may be a great choice. The symbol in the middle consists of multiple layers of various Christmas-themed elements which include Santa’s hat, ribbons, Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and more. The background of this design in a gradient color with small orbs that resemble snow, and the foreground are the details regarding the party.

Bright Christmas Bash Party Flyer Design

Chalkboard Christmas Celebration Flyer Design

Now do you believe us when we said that we have got Christmas flyer designs for various types of events? Not only that, but the flyer designs here are high quality ones to surely make it worth your money. In addition, these flyer designs were gathered from among thousands of the best ones from multiple websites, and these were contributed by some of today’s best graphic artists and designers from all over the world.

With regards to the level of editability of these flyer designs, even though some of these seem complex, they can be edited without too much stress involved, and it’s all been made possible due to the format used. These flyer designs are in vector format, which is the format of choice for graphic artists and designers. The reason behind that is because vectors act differently from raster graphics, wherein the latter makes use of a single layer of pixel blocks. Vectors, on the other hand, consist of codes and pathways that are able to adapt during editing.

Advantages of using vectors include the ability to individualize the elements, which means you are able to edit only specific parts of the design without affecting the entirety of it. Another is the ability of the design to retain its sharpness even when edited or enlarged. But the only way that you can enjoy these advantages when using vectors is if you have the appropriate editing software installed on your system. This editing software may either be Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or even GIMP.

Lastly, you may be asking yourself, “What could be the catch for this?” or “How much will I need to pay to be able to download any of these designs?” And the safest answer would be “Not much.” These Christmas flyer designs can be downloaded for a fairly reasonable price, and this is to assure you that you don’t need to spend much to be able to download professional-grade pre-designed templates. If you are now fully convinced, don’t hesitate to start downloading your own Christmas flyer design now.

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