Summer is the best time to chill out, let loose, hang out with friends, and meet new people. The season is heating up and what better way to cool off than by throwing an awesome party, or traveling to an exotic beach. After all, everything under the sun is definitely more fun with more people around. This is when flyers come to play.

Your flyer design is not just about letting people when to arrive and where it’s about setting the right mood and embracing the anticipation. Download our summer flyer designs, and create a whole new look for the excruciating heat with tropical drinks, pool parties, and holiday travels.

Kids Summer Fest Flyer

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Size: US,A4


Kids Summer Camp Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Summer Beach Flyer Template

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Size: US,A4


Youth Summer Camp Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Summer Beach Party Flyer Template

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Party Event Flyer Template

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Tropical Summer Flyer

Tropical Summer Party Flyer

Tropical Summer Beach Party Flyer

Tropical Cocktail Summer Flyer

Summer Tropical House Flyer

Minimal Summer Flyer

Minimal Summer Party Flyer

Minimal Modern Summer Flyer

Minimal Summer Pool Party Flyer

Minimal Summer Flyer Poster/Flyer

Summer Party Flyer

Chill Summer Party Flyer

Summer Cocktail Party Flyer

Summer Night Party Flyer

Summer Night Beach Party Flyer

What are Flyers for?

These days, you don’t just see flyers being posted or distributed around malls and other public places. They are just as visible online on almost every site you visit. That’s because flyers are designed mainly to inform. The need to get an important message across hasn’t waned. We have simply evolved to other forms of technology to get this piece of information.

But why do we need flyers specifically? What is it about flyers that makes them so special? Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about them:

  • Flyers are informants of current and upcoming events or programs. An event flyer, specifically, lets people in on all the details about an event. Everything they need to know is (and should be) present—time, date, place, purpose, and dress code (if necessary).
  • With a detailed and substantial flyer, the viewer can then decide if he or she is interested to join. Your potential guests will also have the opportunity to clear their schedules to avoid conflicts with other appointments.
  • Not every bit of information is presented through printed text. There are pieces of information one can get through color and design alone. A good flyer design is able to convey that message through images, patterns, and other design elements. With that, you can create a vivid picture for your event, program, or travel package.

Since your flyers have to be designed to your advantage, then everything about them should be strategic. In having an effective flyer leading to a successful event, you have to carefully consider when, where and how to display your flyers.

Flyers in the Summer

Flyers can be especially handy in the summer because most people have already got their schedules cleared. It’s only a matter of time until it gets filled up again. This time for summer parties, get-togethers, and vacation travels. That means your event has to make the cut.

  • It’s very important that your flyer designs stand out to catch attention. Unlike invitation cards that are sent out to an exclusive guest list, there’s a huge pool of audiences that might come across your flyers. You have to make sure your flyer design is appealing and pleasing to the eyes.
  • The effectiveness doesn’t just stop with getting people to notice your flyers and letting them know what’s coming. Your flyer designs have to make the people feel and visualize your event. A good flyer informs, but an excellent one can evoke a feeling of excitement and anticipation.
  • Basically, your flyers have to be a balance between information and design, and information through design. Your flyer has to be complete with all the necessary details, and should be presented in an engaging and intriguing manner.

If you’ve currently stumbled across a creative block with no idea which direction to go, try downloading our flyer design templates to get the hang of designing. They are super easy to edit and manipulate, and can be an avenue to practice your skills.

Beach Summer Flyer

Beach Summer Bash Flyer

Summer Nights Beach Party Flyer

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Camp Flyer

Kids Summer Camp Flyer

Summer Sports Camp Flyer

Adventure Summer Camp Flyer

Family Fun Summer Camp Flyer

Summer BBQ Flyer

Summer Beach BBQ Flyer

Summer BBQ Party Flyer

Hot Summer BBQ Party Flyer

Summer Picnic Flyer

Summer Picnic Flyer Template

Summer Picnic Party Flyer

Summer Picnic BBQ Flyer

Summer School Flyer

Old School Summer Flyer Template

Summer Back to School Flyer

Kids Summer School Flyer

Summer Event Flyer

Summer Beach Event Flyer

Summer Event Party Flyer

Summer Holiday Event Flyer

Summer Music Event Flyer

Spring Summer Flyer

Spring Summer Bash Flyer

Spring Summer Party Flyer

Spring Summer Festival Flyer

Design Approaches

In designing your summer flyers, you’e got plenty of options to choose from for your approach. You can play around with your themes, layouts, and designs to come up with something original.

  • Modern Minimalist Beach Party

A modern and minimalist look for a party flyer design does not mean dull and boring. Not at all, especially not for the summer. A minimalist approach simply means keeping your party flyer design neat and organized, while maintaining its edgy and fun look. There shouldn’t be a design or piece of information that’s out of place.

Our Minimal Summer Flyer Poster, for example, delivers the ultimate beach feels with hints of palm trees and summer skies, even in monochrome.

  • Detailed and Informative Summer Camp

Flyers and posters for summer camp and summer school are more into the informational aspect of flyer designing. Download our Kids Summer Camp Flyer and Summer Sports Camp Flyer to get a good grasp on kid-friendly designs with easy readability that’s also fun to look at.

  • Luxurious Summer Holiday Travel

Travel flyers are also heating up in the summer, because it’s the best time to travel to exotic locations by yourself or with friends and family. Your approach to summer travel flyers should maintain a high end quality look while being informational and spontaneous. They are, after all, a luxurious endeavor.

A travel flyer has to sell their featured destinations by tapping into the emotions and imagination of the potential tourist. Feature images in bright sunny colors to get the viewer know it’s worth the trip.

  • Electric Summer Night Club Party

Club flyers are especially vibrant and electric in the summertime. There’s bound to be hundreds of people going to hundreds of clubs almost every night, so flyer designs have to keep up with the hype.

Our Hot Night Summer Club Party Flyer sets the right mood for a night full of energy and chemistry. If you want a simpler but more mysterious and profound look for your flyer, download our Summer Party Club Flyer template to achieve your desired look.

Methods of Distribution

Your methods of distributing your flyers has a lot to do with your target audience. To do that, you must a clear vision and understanding of your potential guests, clients, or participants.

If they happen to be the tech-savvy type, going for the digital approach is the highly appropriate move. Put up your flyers in websites and social media accounts they frequently visit. With how fast everything happens in the internet, preparing multiple flyer designs to maintain high interest levels is ideal.

The old-school print is also an effective choice. If your targeting the explorers of the outside world, try putting up flyers and distributing them in places your target market always go to.
There’s also no harm in going for both digital and print. It makes you and your event even more accessible to your audience.

Summer Sale Flyer

Summer Sale Flyer Poster

Hot Summer Sale Flyer

Garage Summer Sale Flyer

Summer Festival Flyer

Harvest Summer Festival Flyer

Summer Beach Festival Flyer

Summer Music Festival Flyer

Summer Holiday Flyer

Summer Holiday Travel Flyer

Summer Holiday Vacation Flyer

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Club Flyer

Summer Party Club Flyer

Summer Diving Club Flyer

Summer Splash Club Flyer

Hot Night Summer Club Party Flyer

Summer Vacation Flyer

Summer Vacation Flyer Design

Summer Travel Vacation Flyer

Summer Vacation Party Flyer

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Travel Flyer

Summer Weekend Travel Flyer

Summer Business Travel Flyer

Summer Cruise Travel Flyer

What Your Summer Flyers Should Contain

In creating your flyers, there are vital pieces of information that should be present to ensure a well-informed and well-prepared guest. Some events are especially unique, there are specific details exclusive to their flyers alone. To give you an idea, here’s a short guideline for the contents of your summer flyers:

Summer Parties

Think of party flyers as your official invitation cards for your summer party. What you usually find in a formal invite is also necessary for your invitation flyers, save for the flowery words and poetic phrases.

  • Type of Party – Indicate if it’s a pool party, a bonfire at the beach, or a backyard BBQ. There’s a different ambiance and mood to every party. How people dress and behave is also relative to what type of party they are attending.
  • Setting – Time, date, and venue are details of utmost importance. You can exactly expect a party to still go on if people have no idea when and where it will be held.
  • Theme – For themed parties, there’s usually no need to say it outright in the flyers. The design and overall presentation should be able to deliver that message. If that theme requires a dress code, however, that particular info should be stated clearly.
  • Featured Guests – If you’ve got a guest DJ, band, or performers, you can feature them on your flyers. It’s a good way of increasing the hype and drawing more attention to your party.
  • Fees – Should you have any, it’s usually a good call to indicate that on your flyers so people don’t turn up uninformed.

Summer School of Summer Camp

If you plan on sending your kids, or nieces and nephews to a school or camp for the summer, make sure to look for these bits of information on the official flyers:

  • List of Programs or Lessons – A summer school flyer should contain a list of lessons ad programs offered. They don’t necessarily have to be descriptive and detailed, that can be presented in the website. A list of options for the potential student will do.
  • Tuition Rates – If there are packages and discounts one can avail, which is why a list of the school’s rates should be presented in the flyer. If there are early bird promos or walk-in rates, include them as well.
  • Enrollment Period – The schedule for enrollment should be presented in the flyers for parents to be better prepared.

Summer Sales and Special Retail Offers

With more people and tourists around for the summer vacation, malls and retails stores like to take advantage of the situation by having madness sales. If you’re designing the flyer for a brand or retail store, here’s what you should include:

  • Brand – If there’s a specific brand that’s on sale, feature that on your flyer. It the whole mall happens to be on sale, you can create a name for the activity.
  • Discount Rates – Feature a large discount rate on your flyer. Numbers tend to draw so much attention from shoppers if it means they get to buy more and save more.
  • Duration – Some retail sales go on for 3 days while others have a one day sale until midnight. Let people know how much time they’ve got left to avail of your special offer to spark a sense of urgency.

Summer sales are not just exclusive to malls and bake sales, you can also design garage sale flyers for your own sales and merchandising at home. In designing your summer flyers, keep things light and fresh. Have them radiating with positive energy and excitement to keep up with the season.

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