The school year just ended! School-age children and teens are headed to the summer season where they get to enjoy freedom from all school activities for the next few months. However, we don’t want these youngsters to be stagnant and unproductive during these times. We would rather have them participate in activities that will teach them things that they won’t learn in school.

This is why it is always best to have children or teens enrolled in summer camps if they have no other commitments to keep them active during the whole summer. If you are in the business of running a summer camp, we have a collection of flyer designs to choose from to help you get started in promoting your summer camp. Check them out below!


Red Wood Texture Summer Camp Flyer

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Take a look at this summer camp flyer design. You may find it straightforward and it delivers its message effectively to readers. The pattern on the background makes it appear like the whole flyer was printed on a wooden surface, and the graphic images itself are mere silhouettes of a tent and some trees to make the design uncomplicated. If you think this design will work for your purpose, then download it now!


Sunny Sky Summer Kids Camp Flyer Design

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What is a Summer Camp?

A summer camp is defined as an activity which is participated by both children and adolescents.This is usually conducted during the summer time, which may vary depending on the country. Some summer camps may be exclusive to children only while there are also others that involve teens. There are even summer camps that encourage parents to attend, but nevertheless, summer camps will always be supervised by its respective organizers.


Kids Summer Camp Festival Flyer Design

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Choose this summer camp flyer design that has a fully editable image section. While you can always save relevant photos from the internet and use it for this purpose, it is much better to use your own stock photos to show a reader some visual evidence of what took place during the previous summer camps. This, in turn, can lead them to give their trust. If your organization has one, you may also include a QR code on the promotional flyer to direct them to your website once they scan it.


Kid Summer Camp Flyers for Adobe CS3

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Advantages Of Using Flyers for Promotion and Marketing

  • Flyers are tangible materials. Tot only nice to look at but they are also very informative, if done and designed well.
  • Compared to other advertisement methods, flyers can be produced and distributed without having to spend a lot of money.
  • Flyers have been proven effective in promoting events and occasions, and in disseminating information to a large crowd ever since. This is why flyers are still used today even with the advancement in technology.

Chalk Style Youth and Family Summer Camp Flyer

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Check out this summer camp flyer design which focuses more on the typography rather than graphics and images. To enable a reader to direct their attention to what this flyer is about, the label is written in bold characters which are large enough to occupy the upper half of the flyer design. If you prefer to directly approach a reader with your purpose, then this design may be ideal for you.


Summer Camp Activities Flyer Design in PSD

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Benefits of Joining Summer Camps

  • Summer camps promote independence in children as opposed to being too reliant on their parents when at home.
  • Summer camps help children discover themselves as well as their capabilities in both physical and psychological aspects.
  • Summer camps encourages children to interact with others, therefore, build new friendships.

Summer Camp School Admission Flyer Design

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Chalkboard Hand-drawn Kids Summer Camp Flyer


The advertisement flyer design above appears to be drawn and written by a kid’s hand. This is very relatable to children of the same age. The design also appears to be written on a chalkboard, and even though chalkboards may seem antique to children of this generation, but they can still associate them to school and teaching methods.

To conclude, summer camps are beneficial not only because it keeps young ones active at times when they have no homework to do or exams to study, but also because it keeps them from being addicted to television and computer games. This, therefore, engages them in more productive activities.

Another benefit gained by participants in summer camps is the opportunity to socialize with others and perform activities with them which helps promote teamwork.

These summer flyer designs can be downloaded easily and for a reasonable price that even those organizations who have limited resources can afford. These designs are also fully editable to give you the freedom in customizing these according to how you want to present them to prospects. Start promoting your summer camp now by downloading any of these flyer designs.

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