Promoting an education program in a fun and engaging manner can be quite a challenge for certain schools, universities, and/or organizations. Since school flyers focus more on being informational, oftentimes the creative aspect is overlooked. Strike a balance between traditional and unpredictability by creating inviting school flyers.

Our list of flyer design templates is here to help make your school flyers as engaging and exciting as they can be. Equip yourself with contemporary designs and convenient layouts as you can easily download and edit them to fit your theme. Once you’ve achieved your desired look, you’ll surely have a long line of students waiting to enroll in your school.

School Flyer Template

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Back to School Flyer

Driving School Flyer

School Education Flyer

School Flyer Template

School is Cool—and So Are These Flyers

As you get started on your designs, set an outline for your content. Is there a specific information or special feature about your school you want to emphasize on your flyer? Think about what you want the reader to get from that, and how you can convince them to choose your program over the others.

  • If you believe your audience will respond more to graphics and illustrations, try the Back to School Flyer, High School Football Flyer, College Basketball Flyer, and Old School Flyer Template. They’re great for school events whose information can be limited to a few texts.
  • Flyers that require more visuals to be more inviting are that of summer camps and schools for children. The Junior School Promotion Flyer, Summer School Flyer, Kids Summer Camp Flyer, and Art School Flyer Template incorporate bright colors and vivid images to ensure a nurturing environment for children.
  • If you prefer a professional and minimalist look for your flyer, the College Study Flyer, School Education Flyer, and Kids Education Flyer make use of plain backgrounds, set color schemes, and dynamic image and text presentation.

Whether you’re designing back to school flyers or promoting a new curriculum, have your flyers looking their best by incorporating your identity as a university or organization.

College Study Flyer

School Admission Flyer

Junior School Promotion Flyer

High School Football Flyer

Kids Education Flyer

College Basketball Flyer

Junior School Flyer

Old School Flyer Template

Summer School Flyer

Kids Summer Camp Flyer

Art School Flyer Template

School Flyer Starter Pack

Every flyer requires certain features to function effectively. For school flyers especially, its content has to be relevant and substantial since it requires a lot of investment on the part of the potential student. If you’re wondering how to best make your flyer presentable and functional, here are a few tips:

  • Feature relevant information. If it’s a list of courses, art classes, or school curriculum, outline them to enable easy readability without leaving out necessary details. You can also show the benefits of enrolling in your program to show your edge to your readers.
  • Display inspiring images. Your photos don’t have to be cliche, neither should they look somber. Keep it light by showing smiling faces or students participating in school activities.
  • Show tuition fees and enrollment period. Let students and parents have ample time to prepare and be oriented with your programs. You don’t have to go into full detail with rates and processes, a general idea will do.
  • Provide contact details. Inquiries are unavoidable and show interest from the potential enrollee. Make yourself accessible by providing methods of contacting you.

Once you’ve got all the content for your flyers figured out, you can then focus on making them visually appealing to attract new students. Having fun is important in design, but also keep professionalism in mind to easily gain the trust of potential enrollees.

After your school flyers, you ca also work with our graduation flyer templates for future designs and outputs. You can download as many designs as you want!

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