Oftentimes, the challenge of designing a flyer is how to get people to notice you with just one look. More importantly, their attention should stick all-throughout until they’ve received your message loud and clear. Make your flyers pop out with design by going three-dimensional.

No, we’re not saying your flyers should be bulky in both design and physique. Although that would also be an acceptable route to take. We’re simply offering some of the coolest 3-D flyer designs to have your flyers looking amazing and surreal. Take your pick and see what can best suit your event or promotional ads. Download your favorites and customize them to fit your style.

Soccer 3D Flyer

3D Hip Hop Flyer

3D Business Flyer

Bursting with Designs

Designing in 3-D takes a certain amount of skill, but if you’ve got the eye for authentic designs and an other-worldly aesthetic, you’re good to go. No matter occasion, get the best out of 3-D designs by fully capturing the essence of your event in your flyers.

  • If you’re promoting a huge soccer league and want to embody its prestige, the Soccer 3D Flyer looks luxurious with its silver armor and three-dimensional soccer ball looking like it’s rolling off the flyer.
  • A fusion of urban and futuristic, the 3D Hip Hop Flyer and Dance 3D Flyer Design sets a different tone from the usual street and underground look of Hip Hop and street dance. There’s a boldness to their main features with appropriate images and text, and organized additional information.
  • The 3D Party Flyer, 3D Spring Break Flyer, and Modern 3D Flyer/Poster Template give you a variety of design styles to choose from for an electronic party. They perfectly integrate designs that best suit the setting of their event.
  • Business flyers can also make use of 3-D designs such as the 3D Business Flyer to incorporate a futuristic and technology-driven look.

It’s perfectly normal to not get it right on the first try. Experiment with all the ways to make your flyers look lively and pulsating with energy. Don’t rest until you’re satisfied with your designs.

Modern 3D Flyer/Poster Template

Dance 3D Flyer Design

3D Squre Flyer

4th of July 3D Flyer

3D Shape Abstract Flyer Design

A Whole New Dimension

In order to come up with an excellent overall look for your 3-D flyer, take note of some of these important tips for you to stay grounded on your designs while achieving a look that’s out of this world.

  • Carefully think through your designs, and which ones you think can best project the image you want people to perceive about your event.
  • You can have a main design or image in 3-D while the rest are complimentary features to give emphasis to your main design. Don’t go overboard and learn to balance out your designs so as not to be off-putting.
  • Be creative and come up with your own genuine ideas. Party flyer templates especially, call for the more daring and bold designs to draw the most attention.

Keep your 3-D flyers interesting and refreshing to constantly attract your audience. if you’re still getting started with 3-D flyer designing, download and be guided y our designs to help you come up with an extraordinary design.

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