As a way of keeping in touch with reality, people often like to organize and/or attend events. From intimate gatherings to the bizarre and outlandish, someone will always show up if it means socializing with good company over great music and scrumptious food.

In keeping up the hype, organizing a themed event is always a nice change of tempo. Vintage is a timeless concept adored by many, and what we’ve got are some of the best ways to design your event flyers with it. Download our beautiful vintage-themed flyer designs, and make your event the best one to date.

Vintage Jazz Flyer Template

Vintage Music Event Flyer

Wine Festival Vintage Flyer

Vintage Christmas Event Flyer

Vintage Carnival Circus Flyer

Nothing Short of Old-fashioned and Beautiful

Getting started on your flyer designing means having a clear set of goals on what you want to achieve for your look. You have to know your event inside out for the pubic to be able to comprehend your flyers.

  • If you want a quirky old movie poster look for your flyers, the Vintage Jazz Flyer Template, Vintage Billboard Sign Event Flyer, and Vintage Happy Hours Flyer look super authentic with vintage illustrations and bold color schemes.
  • The Vintage Carnival Circus Flyer, Vintage Drum Session Event, and Vintage Flyer Poster Template offer a grunge-like quality to design and are great for a subdued, underground kind of event.
  • If you’re into creating images through creative typography, our vintage typography flyers might interest you. The Vintage Typography Flyer, Guitar Night Vintage Music Flyer, and Vintage Christmas Event Flyer set the right tone with limited color use and smart text presentation.
  • Bringing vintage to the modern scene also works with out Vintage Fashion Flyer Design and Vintage Party Flyer Design, where contemporary patterns and vintage typography are wonderfully fused to come up with an original look.

Think about what you want your audiences to feel when they look at your event flyers. Incorporate that well in the set motif of your event, and you’re bound to come up with something great.

Halloween Night Vintage Flyer

Vintage Billboard Sign Event Flyer

Vintage Drum Session Event

Vintage Party Flyer Design

Karaoke Night Vintage Flyer

Vintage Flyer Poster Template

Vintage Happy Hours Flyer

Vintage Fashion Flyer Design

Old Vintage Boxing Flyer

Vintage Typography Flyer

Guitar Night Vintage Music Flyer

Essentials: Why You Should Never Leave Without Them

Essentially, your vintage flyers are the official invites you send out to your guests to inform them of your event — no matter how publicized or exclusive it may be. Your flyer may be their main source of information, so it’s imperative that you include all the necessary details one might need to attend your event with confidence.

  1. Name or Cause of Event – You may be having a Christmas Party or a Jazz Night, so it’s important to indicate what your party is for and/or what it’s called (in case you want a catchy title).
  2. Setting – Time, date, and venue are of utmost importance if you want this event to succeed. Let people know when and where the event is held so they can plan ahead and have everything run smoothly.
  3. Guests of Honors/ Performers – If in case you’re hosting a party in honor of someone, or if you have guest performers lined up, feature them on your flyer to draw more attention to your event.
  4. Contact Info – Make yourself accessible and available by leaving your contact details (phone, email, social media accounts) for inquiries and concerns.

How you’ll present the essentials on your flyers depends on your design or layout. Play it up a bit and dare to be creative with your vintage flyers. Download your favorites on our list, and edit them to create something of your own.

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