When promoting parties and events, you can choose either of the three most inexpensive but still effective methods. You choose to use flyers, which is the smallest one of the three choices, and distribute them individually to people. You may also choose to posters, which are larger than flyers, and simply attach them on flat surfaces. The third option are banners, which are the largest among the three, and are meant to be noticed by a bigger crowd.

Aside from being used to promote events, banners can also be used for marketing purposes or simply to make announcements. On this page, our banner designs are intended to promote karaoke, dance or disco parties.

So if you are hosting such event, then save yourself the hassle as well as the expense by downloading our banner designs. Feel free to look around this page, you may find the design that suits your event perfectly.


Minimalist Karaoke Party Banner Design


You may want to use a simple party banner design for your event by using this sample. Regardless of its simplicity, the image of the microphone is enough to give the people an idea that this party will involve music and singing. Simply add the date, time, venue, and other needed information on this banner design and you are good to go.

Abstract Dance Party Banner Design


This banner design involves a colorful abstract art, but the silhouette of a dancing person in the middle makes it self-explanatory that this is going to be a dance party. Choose this printable banner design if you love abstract art, and you think that it can help in getting your banner noticed by the crowd.


Creative Music Festival Banner Design


This banner design is very creative and it’s sure to turn heads because of the way the text is written and the contraption beside it. You may use this banner design not only to promote a music festival that you are organizing, but even other kinds of events, and we assure you that it will get the recognition it deserves.


Dance and Disco Party Banner Design


If you think the traditional horizontal banners are already overused and you want yours to look different, then you can use either of these banner designs to promote your dance parties. Similar to roll up banners, these banner designs are in a portrait orientation which makes it unique from the others, making it more noticeable.


Modern Rock Music Banner Design


Aside from dance parties, you may also use vertical banners to promote concerts and other kinds of music events. The difference between these event banner designs and the previous one is that this one makes use of white space and the colors have lesser contrast, which makes it easier on the eyes.


3D Crystal Music Party Banner


Buy Now - $39

This creative outdoor banner design relies heavily on random and abstract art. This design consists of layers of images that are of different colors and shapes making it look artistic and unconventional. Even with all the layers used to create this design, its uniqueness is sure to gain attention even from passersby and people from afar.


Typographic Karaoke Party Banner Design


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This retro-looking karaoke banner design is less on the images and more on the typography. The font size used on this design is large enough to be read by people even at a distance and entice them to take a closer look on this cool banner design to be able to read the smaller prints where all the other necessary information are located.

Are you now convinced that our banner designs can help you in gaining attendees for your music party? If you are, then make yourself busy by downloading the design of your choice.

These promotion banner designs are in fully editable vector format, and are also in high resolution to assure you of the best quality even when printed on larger than usual materials. Don’t settle for less and don’t waste precious time, start downloading now.

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