Nowadays, there are several ways of marketing and promoting certain organizations, such as schools, one of which is via banners. Banners are an effective way of advertising, being that they can be placed in prominent locations so as to be seen by large numbers of people. If the method can work for businesses, there is no reason it cannot work for schools.

If you wanted banner designs for schools, this could be the right place. Given the selections available here, it is difficult to imagine not finding something that could be used to promote schools, if that is what you wanted them for.

Back to School Banner

back to school banner

Vector School Banner Set

vector school banner set

Back to School Web Banner

school web banner

Creative School Banner Ads

school banner ads

Education & School Banner

education school banner

What’s in a School Banner Design?

One thing to consider about education banners is that they are uniquely focused on promoting and selling a school to outsiders. To that end, there are some things you simply expect banners like these to have, namely certain elements of design that would be integral to the banners being able to do their jobs.

  • In order to reinforce the idea that flyer design is specifically meant for the use of schools, it would be wise to make heavy use of school imagery. This would include things like photos of students as well as images of many of the things associated with schools such as books, rulers, school buses and others.
  • Many school banners of school advertising make use of direct address, just like many other kinds of advertising. In the case of school banners, this can take the form of addressing the parents to entice them into enrolling their children, or addressing students themselves by welcoming them back to school.
  • School banners, no matter whether they are trying to convince parents to enroll their children or if they are advertising things like back to school sales, must list what their offerings are. After all, a particular school should offer something out of the ordinary to set it apart from other schools, and the design of its banners should say as much.

Welcome Back to School Banner

welcome back to school

Flat Design School Banner

flat design school banner

Kindergarten Junior School Banner Set

kindergarten junior school banner set

Colorful School Banners

colorful school banners

Education Banner Design

education banner design

Essential Characteristics of School Banners

Of course, it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of possible school banner designs, whether for promoting school-related sales, or graduation banner designs. In spite of there being quite a number of ways to design your own school banners, there are some traits that they have in common.

  • One thing you might want your designs to be is lively. There are things you would want the banner to say other than the school provides quality education. You would also want to emphasize that students can expect a healthy, active school life. And what better way to do so than to design dynamic banners?
  • Another quality you would want in your banner designs is well-roundedness. You would want to tell outsiders that your school focuses on developing students beyond pure academics, such as in sports and art. In short, you would want to show that your school has facets and is open to all kinds of students.

While this page lists school banner designs, that is not to say that this is all that is available. There are other kinds of banner designs to be found on the website should you have more needs. But whatever you may need banners for, there is sure to be something that can suit your needs.

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