Using labels can help individuals identify different materials. They can be used to identify specific products, and help individuals identify places which they may not be allowed to access or go to. Before, labels just used to be fonts to give identity to a specific material or place. However, these days, labels seem to be more creative, which is why most establishments use visual labels, and for this topic, specifically school campuses also use labels.

We will also be sharing a few school label designs and a brief descriptions to help you know where they can be used for. You can also check out our website for more label designs.

Old School Labels and Tags

old school labels and tags

Back to School Labels Set

back to school labels set

School Labels Teacher’s Notes

school labels stickers

School Stamp and Label

school stamp and label

Vintage Label Design

vintage label design

Variety of School Label Templates

Using school labels will help the public identify instructions easily by merely looking at them, since most people rely on visuals when reading or identifying directions. Below, we have described some school label template you can use:

  • Old school labels and tags. These types of templates are commonly included in price tags for school supplies or school related materials which are also used to attract customers. The template’s design may also contain spaces for you to adjust the captions.
  • Back to school label set. You can use these types of labels and print them out as posters or stickers which you can commonly find in banners and school bulletin boards.
  • School stamp and label. These types of labels are also commonly found in school related posters or banners as well.
  • Vintage label design. You can find these types of templates in price tags for school supplies. The design’s template allows you to adjust the caption where you can include promos you may want to place for the specific item.

You can also check out our website for different types of back to school label designs.

School Label Vector

school label vector

Back to School Printable Labels

back to school printable labels

School Tag Label Template

school tag label template

Cute Decorative School Labels

cute decorative school labels

Cute Back to School Label Set

cute back to school theme label vector

School Sale Label Vector

school label sale vector

Where Can You Use the Templates?

As we have mentioned above, these templates are very easy to download and customize. With the various themes available her on our website, we are sure that you will be able to find a set that suits your needs for whatever purpose. You might even begin to run out of places to use them! Below are a few examples on where you can use the different school templates:

  • Include them with price tags. You can use the different school label templates as a promotional tool. You can add these to price tags for more style or to promote a special price or description on the specific item or material.
  • Use for banners, posters, and flyers. You can also use the different templates as decorations for banners, posters, and flyers. You can edit the template and add your own captions and images.
  • Use them as signage. You can use the different school label templates as signage which you can place in different areas of your school. You can also include the templates as decorations for your school bulletin boards, posters, and banners.
  • Create a labeling tag out of them. – You can print out the different school label templates and create labeling tags out of them which you can use to mark different school related materials or objects.

You can also check out our website for different types of product label designs.

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