Fireworks are a sign of celebration and success and have been used since centuries ago. However, graphic artists are now using Photoshop Firework Brushes to literally add fireworks to their designs! These brushes have made it possible and simple for designers to incorporate these elements of fireworks in their designs nowadays.

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There are multiple types of Photoshop Firework brushes that are available and can be used for a variety of things. These types include simple silhouettes, colorful sparkles, textured firework designs and minimal designs like firework caricatures. These firework brushes not only provide color and sparkle to the designs, but also make the page look much more vibrant and interesting!

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The Photoshop firework brushes have been trending in recent times as they are more than often used in celebratory messages, cards, pages and even in e Cards an web pages to depict celebration, festivals, announcements and other fun occasions. These brushes make it very simple for designers to make their designs look festive.

Photoshop Firework brushes are a continuously growing trend because of the versatility and ease they provide to designers and also because the help the designs look vibrant, festive and add the cheer! Photoshop firework brushes are definitely here to stay and keep the festive design trend alive!

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