Sometimes we feel like we can never give enough back to the people who have given us so much. For us, no amount of thank yous will ever suffice, even when the people we’ve thanked countless times are more than happy with our gratitude. To a few, saying “thank you” feels too awkward and insufficient.

Maybe what we really need is to be able to give something tangible in return, even if that just comes in a simple Thank You card. Of course, there’s nothing simple with a heartfelt and carefully worded note of thanks. They contain something personal and special. Make your cards even more magical with these unique designs and get some inspiration.

Corporate Thank You Card

Corporate Thank You Card Template

corporate thank you card template

Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding Shower Thank You Card

wedding shower thank you card

Graduation Thank You Card

Graduation Announcement Card

graduation announcement card

Blank Thank You Card

Printable Blank Thank You Card

printable blank thank you card

Baby Shower Thank You Card

Baby Boy Shower Thank You Card

baby boy shower thank you card

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Card

baby shower gift thank you card1

Thank You Note Card

Christmas Thank You Note Card

christmas thank you note card

Thank You Gift Card

Unique Thank You Gift Card

unique thank you gift card

Wedding Thank You Gift Card

wedding thank you gift card

How Thank You Cards Work

One of the ways to practice gratitude and expressing them to your peers and loved ones is by giving them thank you cards. Thank you cards are the cards for all seasons. They are appropriate in almost all occasions.

  1. You may want to thank someone for simply being a good friend or send a note of regards and thanks to someone for their beautiful wedding present.
  2. Thank you cards are also applicable in business and in company activities. They can be alternatives to certificates of participation or serve as tokens of appreciation.
  3. Thank you cards are also responses to greetings or regards.
  4. You can also send out thank you cards to people who attended your party;
  5. or thank someone for expressing their empathy at the funeral of a deceased relative.

Thank you cards are easy to make. They don’t take up much of your time, but what they do require is authenticity. The best kind of thank you card is always the one that comes straight from the heart, genuinely thanking the other person for what they did or gave to make your life a little easier and a lot happier.

Thank You Card Themes

If you’ve got a personal thank you message ready to be written, but have no idea how to design your card, breeze through these theme ideas and see if something works:

  • Seasonal Themes — Say thanks and let it go with the season. Thank you cards look beautiful when bathed in elements that make the current season feel closer and more real to the card holder. Autumn leaves, hot summer sun, snow in the winter, or flowers from spring are great backgrounds for a heartfelt thank you message.
  • Floral Theme — Floral themed thank you cards can be used in different occasions. You can design your card in floral when you want to thank someone for coming to your vintage floral wedding, or when you want to send someone a token of appreciation for giving a thoughtful gift basket during your baby shower.
  • Rustic Chic Thank You Card — Make your card look and feel homey with a rustic themed thank you card. They can be great responses for greetings on your birthday or a simple and heartfelt personal card to someone who means the most to you.
  • Vintage Theme — Vintage themed cards are dreamy and classical. The designs incorporated in them may be old-fashioned but it works! Let the other person know how eternally grateful you are by sending him or her a card that looks and feels timeless.
  • Handmade Thank You Card — Thank you cards that are handmade have a raw quality to them that can really emphasize the effort and love you put into making the card. That’s a rare quality that will really show once your intended receives your thank you note.

Thank You Greeting Card

Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

wedding thank you greeting card

Business Thank You Card

Vintage Business Thank You Card

vintage business thank you card

Business Thank You Gift Card

business thank you gift card

Professional Thank You Card

Professional Day Thank You Card

professional day thank you card1

Vintage Thank You Card

Vintage Photo Thank You Card

vintage photo thank you card

Birthday Thank You Card

First Birthday Thank You Card

first birthday thank you card

Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Bridal Shower Invitation Thank You Card

bridal shower invitation thank you card

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Card

bridal shower thank you note card

Christmas Thank You Card

Company Christmas Thank You Card

company christmas thank you card

Different Types of Thank You Cards

Personal Thank You Cards

When you want to send someone a personal thank you card, it doesn’t necessarily mean they did something for you on a special occasion. They don’t have to give you material presents or financial aid. They may have, but that’s not necessarily why you want to send a personal card.

Personal thank you cards can simply mean you are thankful to have that other person as a friend. You can thank them for their company, their time, and all the memories you shared together.They can be for a parent or a relative who supported you growing up. You don’t just thank them because of what they’ve done for you, you’re just grateful because they are around; because they are good people.Thank You Response

There are also thank you cards you send in response to a card or a present you received. Whether or not this may serve as a formality to some of the people you send it to, a response card is still an act of gratitude. These can be very much applicable to people who attended your birthday party or wedding reception. You can also give thank you response cards to people who sent you presents— birthdays, wedding, bridal/baby shower, graduation, you name it. Thank you cards can also be responses to cards you’ve received.The designs you use for thank your response cards can be just as free and creative as the ones you’ll use for a personal thank you note. You can get artistic with themes and font styles you want to use.Business Thank You Cards

Companies and businesses also give out thank you cards as a way of thanking you for various reasons: for a job well-done; for your active participation in a company event; or a token of appreciation. The design formats of these cards are usually very structured and formal, incorporating the company logo and color scheme.Funeral Thank You Cards

Funeral thank you cards are cards you give to people who attended the wake or funeral of your deceased relative or loved one. This kind of card is given to express your thanks for the other person’s empathy and care.Cards like these look and feel somber. They are formal and simple. You can make use of images that symbolize hope and optimism like a burning candle or the tree of life, as a way to turn the unfortunate meaning of death into a way to be grateful for life.

Holiday Thank You Card

Holiday Thank You Card Template

holiday thank you card template

Holiday Thank You Greeting Card

holiday thank you greeting card

Rustic Thank You Card

Rustic Wedding Thank You Card

rustic wedding thank you card

Engagement Thank You Card

Thanksgiving Thank You Card

Thanksgiving Thank You Card Template

thanksgiving thank you card template

Printable Thanksgiving Thank You Card

printable thanksgiving thank you card

Fall Thank You Card

Funeral Thank You Card

Funeral Sympathy Thank You Card

funeral sympathy thank you card

Methods of Sending Your Thank You Card

The best way to thank someone with a card is by giving it to them personally. However, that’s not always the case. Usually the people we want to send our thank you cards to—for attending our wedding, going to the baby shower, or sending us a birthday gift— they live very far away. Some are probably not even in the same country we live in.

The ideal method is by sending them our cards by mail. But if you also want to make sure they don’t get lost in the mail, an e-card is also acceptable. You can e-mail your digital cards or send a heartfelt message on a social media platform they’re at. Don’t let technology lose your personal touch, and make sure to use unique designs for your e-card with your own signature.

Online cards can also be appropriate for business thank you cards.

How Being Grateful Promotes Positivity

Giving out thank you cards is not just any inconsequential act. It’s not simply about acknowledging someone’s actions, but honoring this act with an act of gratitude. Unknown to most people, acts of gratitude actually impact our lives in big ways. Before you know it, your life will have turned on a complete 360-degree turn for the better. Here’s a short run-down of why that happens:

  1. Grateful people practice more optimism in life. Having a grateful attitude makes you see the good things in life, and means you can react to negative things in better and healthier ways.
  2. You are less likely to feel stressed out. Because of your positive outlook, you can respond better to stressful and traumatic situations. This also means less chance of feeling depressed. It can also prevent chronic diseases.
  3. You are simply a happier version of you. Grateful people are happier and more social. They have higher self-worth and self-esteem. This means there is more social support coming from friends and family and can strengthen relationships.
  4. You become more adaptable to change. Gratitude boosts happiness and confidence in different situations. When you face a new situation, positive or negative, your grateful attitude makes it easier to adapt to the change.

With those in mind, you’ll find it’s not actually that hard to be thankful. Whether your gratitude is directed at you, the people around you, or your circumstances, express your gratitude every day and feel a weight lifted off your chest.

Use cards as tangible proof of your gratitude and don’t be ashamed to send as many of them to the people you care about. They’re also just as useful and meaningful when you want to express your thanks on certain occasions, formal or casual. Take some time to prepare a personal message, and to design your cards the best way you can. Our thank you card designs are made available to make it an easier process for you.

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