An often overlooked, but wonderful form of self-expression, is a good old-fashioned card. Whether it’s a business card you hand to a fellow professional or greeting cards for friends, your card contains something personal about you. These days, it’s quite difficult to find the right design that can perfectly capture your unique character.

Don’t waste any more time, and just take matters into your hands. Literally, because what better solution is there than to create beautiful handmade cards yourself? Well, not entirely anyway. Let us help you by picking out some of our best card designs to aid your designing process.

Personalized Birthday Card

Handmade Floral Card Illustration

Designs Straight from the Heart

For greeting card designs, think about what you want the recipient of your card to feel. You can cater to the personal tastes of your loved ones, or you can fully express yourself on your cards so they have something they can keep.

  • If it’s a fancy design you’re aiming for, the Quilling Handmade Greeting Card looks classy with a paisley cutout and paper filigrees in the form of flowers and leaves.
  • The Fancy Handmade Card Design is the epitome of elegance with intricate paper cutouts in white. Perfect for a sympathy card or a wedding invite.
  • The Handmade Floral Card Illustration, Anniversary Card, and Floral Mother’s Day Card show variety in the approach to floral designs. You can create a 3D effect through quilling, or be bold with a print-on-print card design.
  • You can go for simplicity with the Handmade Funny Love Card and Handmade Greeting Cards & Envelopes. They’re adorable in rustic.
  • Handmade card designs are also applicable to business cards. The Polka Business Card and Printable Handmade Card Design are perfect for the creative type whose daring personalities extend to their professions.

There are no limits when it comes to handmade designs. Keep your creative juices flowing and take inspiration from all things.

Printable Handmade Card Design

Christmas Card

Floral Mother’s Day Card

Handmade Greeting Cards & Envelopes

Vintage Thanksgiving Card Design

DIY Design Ideas

If you’re not always in tune with your artistic side, it can be pretty easy to run out of design ideas quickly. So here are a couple of DIY ideas you can save for a rainy day to let your creativity out to play.

  • Paper filigree (a.k.a. quilling) is one great idea. Take out strips of paper, roll and glue them together to form decorative pieces to make your cards look surreal.
  • With watercolor, you don’t exactly have to paint a landscape in detail. You can make abstract patterns or gradient backgrounds.
  • Create stencil cutouts of your favorite characters or designs. You can set your plain cutout against a printed background or vice versa, to create a vivid image.
  • You can express yourself with cards in origami. It may take some practice, but the outcome is always worth it.
  • Your thank you card designs can be explosive if you turn them into pop-up cards.

You can look for more DIY ideas for your card designs. Always be up for trying new things to surprise your friends or business colleagues. Your handmade card designs are extensions of who you are and how you present yourself to the world.

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