In clothing lines, the labels are going to be the elements that are going to make you business recognizable to your clients. You can find many designs that will help you choose from based on the character of your company as well as the style of clothing you are launching. In the following guide we are going to pace you through the various options you have regarding clothing labels to help you find the one. You may also See Beer Label Designs

Vintage Clothing Labels

Vintage designs have an attractive look that is going to make you and your clothes recognizable to your clients. You can find many designs that have a stunning look with graphics and font designs that have a vintage quality and style.

vintage clothing labels

Kid’s Clothing Labels

In kid’s clothing you can find creative designs that come with stunning designs and fun font designs. You can choose among various color combinations in order to state the piece’s specifications regarding size and care instructions for your dear customers.

kids clothing labels

Clothing Name Labels

Sometimes even a simple label is a great way to advertise your own work. You can go for an elegant design with script fonts and minimalistic style or you can go for a cursive look that adds a touch of romantic design.

clothing name labels

Fabric Labels For Clothing

Fabric labels can range in style and cut giving you incredible designs. You can go for a stylish look with a modern design cut in a straight or mitre fold that will give you style and elegance incorporating vibrant colors.

fabric labels for clothing

Embroidered Clothing Labels

Embroidered labels have an industrial quality that is attractive and creative. These labels can carry your business logo as well as your name while at the same time sporting useful information about the piece of clothing with sophisticated color schemes.

embroidered clothing labels

Handmade Clothing Labels

Handmade labels are going to make your business look creative and stylish while making a priority the satisfaction of your clients. You can print your label designs on fabric or paper giving you incredible designs and a personalized look. You may also See Product Label Designs

handmade clothing labels

Finding the right product labels will help you create a trusting logo that will build awareness to your products along with recognition from your customers. You can choose among various designs that offer you sophisticated elegance or fun and carefree style that will help your customers identify with your clothing.

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