Books are used worldwide to share and store information on different topics available. Books are also used to express emotion, knowledge, and wisdom. Books, at times, are also used as a medium to share memories and significant events. But how do you recognize a good book? Well, taking a look at the book cover is a common habit we do in telling if the book might be a good read or not. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but humans as we are, that is what we literally do.

Having a good cover design is a big bonus if you want to entice people to read them. In this page, we share some book design templates that you can use to create your own book covers or you can check out our website for more book cover templates.

Book Cover Template

book cover template1

Cook Book Template

cook book template

Vector Blank Book

vector blank book

Blank Book Cover

blank book cover

Customizable Book Cover

customizable book cover

Don’t Judge a Book

Being able to have a good book cover is already a big advantage and leaves a good impression on the readers part. Designing your book cover can be difficult and consumes a lot of your time, especially if you do not know the basics of designing one. Hiring a graphics designer will help but will also cost you as well. But fret not, we’re here to help! Below are a few examples of the different book designs you can download from our website:

  • Cook book template – These are commonly used for cookbooks. The designs in this template have cooking related decorations,  borderlines, images of food, and food ingredients.
  • Photography portfolio book – You can use these types of book cover designs for your pictures and use them as your portfolio. The designs in this book will mostly be your pictures with watermarks, your photography logo, and options to place your contact details.
  • Fashion look book template – These types of templates are commonly used to store fashion portfolios with different clothing and fashion related images. The designs may contain basic to advanced decorations, making the book cover as interesting as possible. You will also have the options to place captions or additional details about the different clothes or accessories featured in the book.

You can also check out our website for different types of handbook cover templates.

Empty White Book

empty white book

E-Book Template

e book template

Modern Cookery Book

modern cookery book

Recipe Book Template

recipe book template

Square Photo Book

square photo book

Photography Portfolio Book

book portfolio design

Fashion Look Book Template

fashion look book template

Hard Book Cover Design

hard book cover design

Indesign Square Book Template

square book

Open Book Template Set

open book template set

Landscape Book Mockup Design

landscape book mockup design

Spiral Book Template Mockup

spiral book template

Book Report Template

book report template

Realistic Notebook Template

realistic notebook template

Multipurpose E-book Template

multipurpose e book template

Vintage Book Cover Template

vintage book cover

Wedding Photobook Template

wedding book template

On the Cover

There are certain individuals who like and prefer to use templates to help them create book cover designs quickly. Others use them as guides to create new and improved designs. Below are a few examples of some individuals who take advantage of these templates:

  • Graphic designers – Graphic designers often use premade book covers and try to improvise them to make better designs or more unique to attract an audience. Graphic designers also use templates instead of creating new designs from scratch as it saves them more time.
  • Authors – Authors who do not want others to create their designs for them create the book designs by using different book design templates provided by our website. By having full control of the design, the author can create adjustments and make corrections themselves.
  • Publishing companies – Publishing companies usually include book cover designs for a fee. Yet sometimes, they give it out for free to authors who choose to publish their books with them. They use book cover templates to create the designs quickly but take note of some details the author may want their book designs to have.

You can also check out our website for more notebook templates.

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