Bookends can be a great and minimal style addition for decorating your home library. An reader would certainly agree to this that his or her personal collection always holds a special place in their heart. If you are looking to place the books on an open shelf, you can rightly decorate the collection with ornamented bookends and make your literary arrangement more than just a couple of books stacked together.

Right from geeky to the more serious styles there are enough choices available to compliment with the diverse decor and interiors of the home.

We have put together a list of 10 best designs that will certainly suit your needs.

1. Game of Thrones Bookends

These GOT bookends are hand painted and intricately designed to serve as a great collectable for your book collection and also as a great accent piece to stand alone.

games of throne

These GOT bookends are hand painted and intricately designed to serve as a great collectable for your book collection and also as a great accent piece to stand alone.

2. Hobbit Bookends


These hobbit themed resin bookends are a great piece to add next to your books. These limited edition bookends will surely be a double win for your home if you are a fan of the franchise.

3. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends


Hand painted with intricate detail work, the bookends also create an illusion of Hogwarts express passing the tunnel. When placed on either side of the books it will appear as if the train is exiting from one tunnel and passing over the other.

4. Medieval Bookends

medieval bookends

Very affordable and classy, these 8 inches tall bookends weigh a total two pounds. Showcasing the intricate knights with bronze detailed battle armour and base the bookends are unquestionably worth the money.

5. Star Wars Stormtrooper Bookends

star wars

If you are Star Wars person, these Stormtrooper bookends are certainly hard to resist. The figures are so detailed that they actually look like collectables. These Stormtrooper structures holding the plus rifles, make the figures all the more realistic.

6. Evolution Bookends


These smart bookends are worth the buy for our science geeks out there. Brightly coloured, these bookends sure do reflect the universal process of evolution along with the love of reading and learning.

7. Pineapple Bookends


Artistic in its appeal these pineapple shaped bookends will work well with all styles and interiors of the home. Complementing vintage, cottage, or modern interior decor, these pineapple shaped bookends offer a transitioning designer effect on the simple design.

8. A to Z Bookends


An amazing addition to your classroom or school library these A to Z lettered bookends are everything you would want to support and organise your collection of books. These bookends can also be a great gift for teachers and an excellent housewarming present for someone who loves typography.

9. Dog Shaped Bookends


One of the best presents to gift the dog lovers in your circle of friends. If the four-legged lovely is your snuggle buddy while you enjoy your favourite book, why not honour and express your love by placing dog shaped bookend next to your collection.

10. The End Bookend

end book

What other design would justify the end of your book collection than by placing ‘the end’ next to it? Creative and minimal in its design, ‘the end’ named bookend could be a fun and literal piece to add to your collection.

Bookends are a great way to organise the books in an open shelf and still look as appealing as any other furnishing piece. Pick the one that best suits your interior and your valuable and prized book collection.

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