If you’re planning to get a tattoo, then why not try the trending negative tattoo. From its intricate details to creativity, this type of ink design is a must have for any individual who loves tattoo. Just like a tribal tattoo where you can include animals or symbols that depict a deeper meaning, you can also use your creativity to make a negative space tattoo stand out. Use the following list to choose your preferred tattoo.

Negative Space Flower Tattoo

negative space flower tattoos1


The green and yellow contrasting color of inked flower art makes this tattoo perfect for both men and women. Embrace your love of nature by getting a negative space flower tattoo.

Small Negative Space Tattoo

small negative space tattoos1


If you’re not sure how you will react with the ink, then start with small negative space tattoos. The small size of this tattoo design makes it perfect on the hands or feet.

Negative Space Font Tattoo

negative space font tattoos1


When it comes to negative space tattoos, you are free to choose a font that portrays your style. From fancy lettering, tribal and script design the type of font you choose is entirely up to you.

Negative Space Letter Tattoo

negative space letter tattoos


Do you love simple letter tattoos? Even though in a negative space letter tattoo you get to choose the color and font of the word that you want on your skin, the simplicity of this tattoo is what makes it unique.

Full Sleeve Negative Space Tattoo

full sleeve negative space tattoo


Tattoos on the arm can be simple, but the full sleeve negative space tattoo makes it one of the best arm ink designs. Women can use this tattoo as a fashion accessory that can complement any casual outfit.

Negative Space Animal Tattoo

negative space animal tattoos


It’s hard not to like cute animals like rabbits. When it comes to negative space animal tattoos the design and ink font, create a unique meaning that portrays your individuality.

Palm Negative Space Tattoo

palm negative space tattoo


When it comes to negative space tattoo, your favorite body part, and design are essential in creating attractive tattoos. A contrast of red and black makes this tattoo perfect on the hand.

Colorful Tattoo on Foot

colorful tattoo on foot


Modern Negative Space Tattoo

modern negative space tattoo


Butterfly Negative Space Tattoo

butterfly negative space tattoo


Simple Negative Space Tattoo

simple negative space tattoos


Tattoos are getting quite popular today, especially with the younger generation. To keep up with the demand, tattoo artists will continue to come up with creative tattoo designs and fonts to suit each skin tone. So book an appointment and give your skin that unique negative space tattoo.

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