Taking the whole concept of tattoos into a whimsically beautiful realm, tulip tattoos are one of the more artistic designs doing the rounds at the moment. It is not a new trend per se; tulip is a symbolic flower which stands for prosperity and pleasure in various forms and is commonly employed in different cultures to represent the same.

Appreciated widely through centuries, tulip once used to hold a position of utmost importance in many lands. Here’s a compilation of attractive tulip tattoo ideas.

Tulip Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Tulip Flower Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Let’s start with a simple yet artistically pretty tattoo design. Enhanced just a little with subtle mauve highlights, this tulip tattoo shows an almost bloomed flower, standing softly amongst the rave. The sharp edges and straight lines add on to the look, making it attractive in its own minimal way.

Tulip Tattoo for Men

Tulip Tattoo for Men Source

A Turkish take on the popular tulip designs, this tattoo incorporates a medieval feel with the leaves having a 3D imagery, surrounding a tulip bud. The rich purple and gold colours prettily touch up the richness of this design in a beautiful way. You may also see Dahlia Tattoo Designs

Small Flower Tattoo Idea

Small Flower Tattoo Idea Source

One for those new to the tattoo world and wish to go for a small subtle design only, this little tulip tattoo might just open you up to trying out bigger and better versions of tattoo designs. Cute in its minimalistic look, the single leaf waving out takes the icing here!

Red Tulip Flower Tattoo

Red Tulip Flower Tattoo Source

More of a 19th century spin-off, we adored this tattoo design for its lovely colours and water paint like appearance. The artistically overlaid tulip petals beautify the red and green brilliance of this tattoo. Give it your own personal style, and you’d have an attractive artwork right on your arm!

Black Work Tulip Tattoo Design

Black Work Tulip Tattoo Design Source

We love tattoos done in pure black ink, just like most others! This gorgeous pair of two tulips growing together in the wilderness is pretty much one of the most classic tulip tattoos we have ever seen. With amazing detailing and beautiful curves, this is a keeper!

Traditional Tulip Flower Tattoo

Traditional Tulip Flower Tattoo Source

When it’s about tattoo designs, sky is the limit to your imagination! This artistically done tulip tattoo is a wonderful example of a tattooist’s brilliant artwork. Inked in perfect shades and highlights on a floral Arabic art base, this one’s for those who want to show off something more just a plain tulip.

Red Tulip Leg Tattoo

Red Tulip Leg Tattoo Source

This one took us by surprise! At first look it might appear as if the leg is bleeding pure red, but take a closer look and you’ll realize the finesse of the artist in the closed petals of the tulip flower. For those in love with this, make sure you take special care of the superb detailing in colours of the red bulb.

Tulip Side Tattoo Idea

Tulip Side Tattoo Idea Source

No place is off place for an attractive tattoo like this! Taking Arabic floral designs a step further, let this tattoo design flow all the way down the side of your torso, the bold and sexy curves blending in with yours. Black ink would appeal more for this one, given the location and size of the tattoo design.

Cute Watercolor Tulip Flower Tattoo

Cute Watercolor Tulip Flower Tattoo Source

Hand-painted tattoos are all the rage right now; and this artistically well-done tulip tattoo is definitely a hit! Done in soft pastel shades with no sharp edges and a blurred look, this design will especially appeal to the artist in you.

Blue and Green Sketch Tattoo

Blue and Green Sketch Tattoo Source

A gorgeous take on the tulip, this one will stand out as a winner among the crowd of tattoos. Employing the fun technique of not letting boundaries direct the flow of a palette of soft colours, the shades of blue and green are blended in a compelling and pretty bloom. You may also see Peony Tattoo Designs

Awesome Tulip Tattoo Design

Awesome Tulip Tattoo Design Source

Geometrical Tulip Tattoo on Hand

Geometrical Tulip Tattoo on Hand Source

Blue Color Flower Tattoo Idea

Blue Color Flower Tattoo Idea Source

Pretty Tulip Leg Tattoo

Pretty Tulip Leg Tattoo Source

Tulip Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tulip Shoulder Tattoo Design Source

Beautiful Hand Tattoo Design

Beautiful Hand Tattoo Design Source

Lovely Black Work Flower Tattoo

Lovely Black Work Flower Tattoo Source

Simple Tulip Tattoo on Foot

Simple Tulip Tattoo on Foot Source

Best Flower Tattoo Design Idea

Best Flower Tattoo Design Idea Source

Beautiful Tulip Tattoo on Ribs

Beautiful Tulip Tattoo on Ribs Source

Floral Tulip Tattoo Idea

Floral Tulip Tattoo Idea Source

If you are on the lookout for tulip tattoo designs to get inspired, or are just browsing around for fun tattoo ideas, this list might help you with some uniquely artistic designs. Tulips have been held in reverence for centuries, and still considered the bringer of good luck and fortune in personal life. You will never go wrong with a tulip tattoo, whether it is a minimal one as some of the above, or a full-blown flower in bloom inked artistically onto your skin.

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