Have you ever stopped by at the park to look at the ferns instead of the flowers? Flowers are pretty undoubtedly but ferns are everywhere and grow more often than flowers and they make the tree look fuller and prettier. They add a very pleasant touch to an overall look.

When we were admiring these ferns, we came across the idea to look for Fern Tattoo Design and were impressed with some of the designs we came across the internet. Let’s take a sneak peak into some of these creatively well-designed tattoos.

Fern Leaf Tattoo

fern leaf tattoo


The best way to show off your calf muscles would be by getting this marvelous tattoo. It is a beautifully done black tattoo with perfectly sketched leaves. Simple designs are sometimes the best, just like this particular one. There isn’t much coloring but the shading is done neatly and precisely.

Celtic Fern Tattoo Design

celtic fern tattoo design


This is a very differently designed and conceptualized tattoo. It looks like a tribal design from far. The leaf has been divided and split into two parts and both them have been designed to make one pretty leaf. The black coloring with a mix of shading in certain parts makes the design look stunning.

Fern Tattoo on Shoulder

fern tattoo on shoulder


The black and white tattoo design is attractive because of its simplicity. The placement of the tattoo is exquisite and if you notice closely, there is no coloring as such on the tattoo design. There is only shading and sketching and that makes the tattoo perfectly visually appealing.

Small Fern Tattoo on Wrist

small fern tattoo on wrist


If you prefer getting a small tattoo then the placement and design of the tattoo is impeccable. It is a small and simple design that is created into an appealing fern. The ferns are done with at most accuracy and lot of intricate work is involved in it. The shading makes it even more alluring to look at.

Polynesian Fern Tattoo

polynesian fern tattoo


The Polynesian Tattoos come with lots of deep meanings. The designs come from the Polynesian culture and the designs are also very well designed to almost like a tribal one. This particular tattoo is supposed to be a fern but designed in the traditional Polynesian form to make it look different and nice.

Fern Tattoo on Forearm

fern tattoo on forearm


This is an exact replica of the how a fern looks and it has been given an extra effect and feel by adding the tree next to it. The concept is very well thought off and the ferns are designed beautifully to make it look delightful.

Realistic Fern Tattoo

realistic fern tattoo


When you compare the real fern and the tattoo fern, you won’t even know the dissimilarities because it has been done with at most accuracy. The dark green color is where the difference lies but the color is pleasant to look at.

Fern Tattoo on Back

fern tattoo on back


This is a visually stunning tattoo design. It is the structure of the entire fern plant and very well sketched. From the roots to the top, it is only pleasing to the eyes.

Green Fern Tattoo Idea

green fern tattoo idea


Fern Black Work Tattoo

fern black work tattoo


Fern Tattoo on Ribs

fern tattoo on ribs


Traditional Fern Tattoo

traditional fern tattoo


Palm Fern Tattoo Design

palm fern tattoo design


Fern Tattoo on Foot

fern tattoo on foot


Fern Tattoo on Thigh

fern tattoo on thigh


Fern Tree Tattoo Design

fern tree tattoo design


These various fern tattoo designs are all fabulous. The designs may be very simple to look at but they will look beautiful when you get them done. Color or no color the designs any how look splendid.

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