Known for their numerous benefits, a pine tree tattoo is a favorite among many people. Tattoo lovers tend to go for a pine tree design because of the symbolic meaning that the tree together with its cones, back, and seeds represents.

When it comes to religion, Christians associate a pine tree with Christmas while in Korean culture this evergreen tree symbolizes longevity. Whether it’s the symbolic meaning or the unique design, there’s a beautiful pine tree tattoo that you’ll love.

Little Pine Tree Wrist Tattoo

little pine tree wrist tattoo


This little pine tree tattoo is a clear statement that you don’t need a large design to stand out. The simplicity together with placing this design on the wrist makes it ideal for ladies who want to symbolize strength.

Pine Tree and Mountain Tattoo

pine tree and mountain tattoo


Since these evergreen trees grow harmonious with other plants, a pine tree tattoo will symbolize family, love, unity and society. Combining a pine tree and mountain tattoo is also an excellent way to come up with a unique design.

Pine Tree Tattoo on Ribs

pine tree tattoo on ribs


This pine tree tattoo on the ribs depicts love for culture. Since a pine tree holds different meanings to each culture, the elements that you add to the tree will help portray the culture you’re representing.

Moon with Pine Tree Tattoo

moon with pine tree tattoo


Simple Pine Tree Tattoo

simple pine tree tattoo


Greenary Pine Tree Tattoo

greenary pine tree tattoo


Finger Pine Tree Tattoo

finger pine tree tattoo1


The tattoo is a permanent marking; therefore the symbolic meaning has to be taken into consideration. Body parts such as the spine, neck, ankle, shoulder, fingers and head are usually very painful while body parts such as thighs, back, arms and near breasts are considered less painful.

Colorful Pine Tree Tattoo

colorful pine tree tattoo


Ankle Pine Tree Tattoo

ankle pine tree tattoo


Pine Tree Tattoo for Back

pine tree tattoo for back


Forearm Pine Tree Tattoo

forearm pine tree tattoo


Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo

beautiful pine trees tattoo


Red Pine Tree Tattoo

red pine tree tattoo


A pine tree has been around for a very long time, so the meaning keeps varying depending on a person’s religious or cultural perspective. With various sizes and ways to represent this tree, opting for a pine tree as a sleeve tattoo will make you look beautiful and cool. So, choose one of these designs and get yourself a beautiful pine tree tattoo

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