Dining room of your home is that special corner in which you gather up with your family and enjoy a sumptuous dinner or lunch every day or on holidays. While decorating this particular nook of your home, you can be either traditional in choosing your decor or contemporary or a marvelous merger of the two bringing out your signature style. A crisp white wall with large skylights enabling easy flow of natural light is a timeless wall decor being complemented with right sitting arrangement.

To add a hint of rareness to your wall decor, fix a giant world map on the wall of your L-shaped kitchen area. You can indulge in a lively discussion on various places of the world and over a gourmet dinner with family members or friends. In that way eating will be a more pleasurable experience than merely satiating your appetite. You can use textured wallpaper for a world map to give a perceptible feel which can be a signature of your taste.

Decorative Accent Wall Enlivens Dining Room

decorative accent wall enlivens dining room1

Vanessa DeLeon Designs

Dining Room With Running Horses Wall Decor

dining room with running horses wall decor

Vanessa Deleon

Dining Room With Art Decor

dining room with art decor

Barry Dixon

In various ways you can deck your dining walls provided you have panache for innovation and taste for sophistication. You can use floor-to-ceiling graphic wallpaper matched up with long drapes or pain table wallpapers available now in online stores.  Geometric or floral wallpaper designs are available in wallpapers from which you can opt for the one suitable for your dining space.

Dining Area Wall Design Idea

dining area wall design idea

Photo By: Todd Douglas / Getty Images

Dining Room Decorated For The Holidays

dining room decorated for the holidays

Vanessa Deleon

Outdoor Dining Area And Decorative Yellow Stone Wall

outdoor dining area and decorative yellow stone wall


Eclectic Dining Room With Wall Letters

eclectic dining room with wall letters

Barry Dixon

Eclectic Dining Room With Gallery Wall decor

eclectic dining room with gallery wall decor


Lavish Dining Area With Designed Flora Walls

lavish dining area with designed flora walls

Barry Dixon

Modern Dining Space With Vintage Decor

modern dining space with vintage decor

Photo By: Stacey Brandford Photography

Dining Room With Wall Art Plates

dining room with wall art plates

Photo By: Todd Douglas

Eating Area With Colorful Wall Art Decor

eating area with colorful wall art decor


Contemporary Dining Room With Gallery Wall Design

contemporary dining room with gallery wall design


Modern Art Graces Dining Room Wall

modern art graces dining room wall


Contemporary Breakfast Nook With Abstract Wall Art

contemporary breakfast nook with abstract wall art

Designed by Erinn Valencich

Modern Dining Area With Red Glass Feature Wall

modern dining area with red glass feature wall

Photo By: Todd Douglas

Eating Place With Black and White Wall Art Decor

eating palce with black and white wall art decor

Designed by Kristi Nelson

Purple and Gold Dining Room With Mirrored Wall

purple and gold dining room with mirrored wall

Designed by Charles Neal

Dining Space With Brown Suede Wall Art

dining space with brown suede wall art

Designed by Jennifer Charleston

Transitional Dining Room With Two-Toned Walls

transitional dining room with two toned walls

Photo By: Todd Douglas

Elegant Dining Room With Wall Panel Decor

elagant dining room with wall panel decor

Photo By: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Art Steals Show in White-Walled Dining Room

art steals show in white walled dining room

Design By Kristina Wolf

Plates Designed Wall Decor in Dining Space

plates designed wall desor in dining space


Cool Dining Area with Plate Wall Art

cool dining area with plate wall art


Rustic Dining Room With Wall Decor Design

rustic dining room with wall decor design


Nice Dining Area With zig zag Wall Art Decor

nice dining area with zig zag wall art deocr


Awesome Dining Area With Cool Wall Art Design

awesome dining area with cool wall art design


Victorian Dining Room With Complete Wall Art

victorian dining room with complete wall art

Crisp Architects

White Dining Room With Designed Wall Decor

white dining room with designed wall decor

Photo By: Todd Douglas

While choosing the wall decor, make sure the position and condition of your dining wall. To get best ideas, consider discussing with a professional interior designer or refer to various online magazines that are ready to help you choose your best home decor.

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