We use accent wall to break up a room’s pattern. Usually we do it by changing the shade of color on one wall. Now, think about a 3D wall panel covering your accent wall. Apart from breaking the pattern it will bring a new dimension in your space creating an interesting background. If you want to make a difference with a wall then keep on reading and find out how to do it with style. You may also see Wall Designs

3D Wall Decor


You can use a 3D wall décor in an interesting pattern instead of a headboard in your master bedroom. This will bring out the room’s character giving something special to look at. You may also see Cool 3d Wall Design

Living Room 3D Wall Decor

Design by : Cantoni

The burnt orange color of the 3D wall is used to accentuate the size of the room in a decorative way. Reaching up to the ceiling it can make your space look higher.

3D Wall Painting Illusion


Instead of using a 3d wall panel you can create the illusion of a 3D with a painting. Like this contemporary living room, you can play with the colors and create a charming 3d wall art. You may also see 3D Wall Art Designs

3D Wood Wall Panels


In this dining-room, the use of a 3D wall panel gives the illusion that the wall is made entirely of wood. This turns the room a cabin style completing it with a marble fireplace and a luxurious chandelier.

Cool 3D Wall Cladding

Design by : Hammond Design

This honeycomb pattern of the wall acts as a transition from the other rooms to the dining room. The missing tiles in the same color as the background walls connect the room to the rest of the house.

Unique 3D Wall Hanging


You can create a 3D wall by hanging a 3D synthesis. Like the fishes in this contemporary living room. You can use different shades of colors and mix it up with a different vibrant color. To accentuate the artistic feature of the wall, use lighting. You may also see Japanese Wall Art Designs

Modern 3D Wall Sticker

Design by : Applegate Tran Interiors

You can create a 3D effect on your wall by using wallpaper. The shades in the coloring, the fading of the birds and the synthesis of their position give the illusion of movement.

Modern Living Room 3D Wall Design


Bedroom 3D Wall Design


White 3D Wall Panel

Design by : Hammond Design

Kitchen 3D Wall Design


Bathroom 3D Wall Panel


Traditional Bathroom 3D Wall Panel


Textured 3D Wall Panels

Design by : Sarah Lim

Creating a 3D wall in your room is one of the ways to draw the eye to a certain point. The specialty of this feature adds character and a whole new perception of the space you live in. Additionally, install lighting for your walls. The contours and the different shapes of the patterns will be brought out by the light and the shadows it creates. You can choose from a variety of materials and patterns to find the best one.

For home renovations or for just a simple change in a certain room you can use the 3D wall panels. Even in the form of a one-dimensional painting that will give the illusion of a 3D pattern, you will most certainly be rewarded with the outcome of your choice.

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