Nothing changes the look of your house as drastically as the colour and texture of your walls. But plain walls are not the only options. Designing a wall attractively while maintaining its functionality is very important. Simple wall designs can add character to your room. Wall designs are a perfect solution for remodelling your interiors and adding some meaning to it. Here are some beautiful wall designs you can consider for your home.

Bedroom Wall Designs

Your bedroom décor should make you feel relaxed all the time. Paint your bedroom wall with colours you like. You can decorate your bedroom walls with paintings. You can make open wooden shelves on your bedroom wall to keep simple articles or books. To add colours, you can also use wall art.

Master Bedroom Wall Design

master bedroom wall design

Avissa Design

Bedroom Wooden Wall Design

bedroom wooden wall design

Fireplace Wall Designs

Your fireplace need not be plain. You can decorate the wall above your fireplace with paintings. For a rustic stone wall, you can use metallic wall pieces to give it a different look. You can combine your media wall and fireplace wall. Space on either side can be used to make open shelves for storage.

Modern Fireplace Wall Design

modern fireplace wall design

Fireplace Stone Wall Design

fireplace stone wall design

Minecraft Wall Designs

Wall designs with Minecraft are 3D images that look like real walls. You can use different types of lego to add texture to these walls. These textures give an impression of wall designs. Minecraft wall designs are made of different geometric structures.

Minecraft Stone Wall Design

minecraft stone wall design

Robin Bond Interiors

Bathroom Wall Designs

Once you have decided on the colour and type of tiles for your bathroom you can move to the decoration part. You can use different  wallpapers to add colour to your bathroom. For a more natural look use stone tiles. Decorate your bathroom walls with paintings.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Wall Design

ceramic tile bathroom wall design

Bathroom Marble Wall Design

bathroom marble wall design

J Design Group

Dining Room Wall Designs

For a huge dining room wall, you can opt for simple sleek designs inspired by nature like trees, flowers and other designs to paint the wall. You also have the option to create geometric textures or 3D wall designs on dining room wall keeping it plain and simple. For a small dining corner, you can use food designs or cutlery designs like fork, spoon and knife.

Dining Room Wall Cabinet Design

dining room wall cabinet design

Dining Room Stone Wall Design

dining room stone wall design

Modern Wall Designs

A Modern wall is all about plain walls with clean edges. You can decorate your walls using abstract paintings. Use small flash lights to add texture to your otherwise plain wall. A modern wall design is clean but stylish.

Modern Wall Design for Living Room

modern wall design for living room

Modern Outdoor Wall Design

modern outdoor wall design

Living Room Wall Designs

Decorate your living room wall with a painting of your choice to add colour to your room. Make it your family photo wall creating a collage of your favourite frames. You can paint your living room wall with beautiful wall paintings to make it look different and full of life.

Contemporary Living Room Wall Design

contemporary living room wall design

Living Room Accent Wall Design

living room accent wall design

Basement Wall Designs

Lighting is the most important part of your basement décor. Here you can play with light to give your wall design a different look. You can have a simple brick wall with a single painting in the centre but concealed flash light illuminating the painting.

Basement Wall Bar Design

basement wall bar design

Basement Concrete Wall Design

basement concrete wall design

Shower Wall Designs

Unless your shower area is a glass enclosure you have room for some creativity. Your shower wall should be attractive yet functional. Tiled shower walls with a built-in shelf to keep toiletries make it more user-friendly. You can use different coloured tiles to create patterns and make your shower more attractive.

Marble Shower Wall Design

marble shower wall design

Shower Wall Tile Design

shower wall tile design

Office Wall Designs

In offices, wall designs add colour to an otherwise stressful office environment. Paintings with simple inspirational quotes bring freshness to office spaces.

Home Office Wall Design

home office wall design

Office Glass Wall Design

office glass wall design

Office Interior Wall Design

office interior wall design

Photo by Tanja Ristic

Geometric Wall Designs

Geometric figures, when put together makes an attractive montage. You can use single figures like concentric circles or squares to design your wall. You can also cover the entire wall by repeating geometric patterns. Keep it monotone or play with colours, a well-planned colour scheme will surprise you with a beautiful output.

Black and White Geometric Wall Design

black and white geometric wall design

Geometric Wall Tile Design

geometric wall tile design

Media Wall Designs

Media wall should be interesting and functional as well. You can use the space below for making a concealed cabinet  DVDs and CDs. Space above can be used for making open shelves  small embellishments. You can use some paintings inspired by famous movie characters and roles for your media wall.

Contemporary Media Wall Design

contemporary media wall design

Modern Media Wall Design

modern media wall design

Design by Wheeler Kearns Architects

Garden Wall Designs

Your garden walls can change the look of your garden completely. You can use different coloured bricks to create patterns in your garden wall. If you are planning for a simple painted concrete wall, decorate it with pictures of plant like cactus and other foliage plants. You can cover your garden wall with brackets for smaller pot covering the entire wall like a vertical garden.

Brick Garden Wall Design

brick garden wall design

Wood Garden Wall Design

wood garden wall design

Design by John Davies Landscape

Rustic Wall Designs

Use a stone to add a rustic look to your wall. Wooden panel on the wall with built-in shelves can also give you the required rustic look. Use metallic or wooden artefacts for these shelves. If not for shelves you can hang an abstract painting complementing the wooden panel.

Rustic Interior Wall Design

rustic interior wall design

Rustic Fireplace Wall Design

rustic fireplace wall design

Photo by Dan Murdoch

Rustic Wood Wall Design

rustic wood wall design

Design by Foley Development

Outdoor Wall Designs

Apart from being attractive, your outdoor walls should be sturdy to withstand changing weather. You can have a complete wooden wall with creeper running over it. A simple stone wall decorated by wooden artefacts looks rustic and classy at the same time. A textured wall for covered exteriors and spot lights at the base looks every bit plush.

Outdoor Stone Wall Design

outdoor stone wall design

Photo by CM Glover

Outdoor Fire Wall Design

outdoor fire wall design

Restaurant Wall Designs

The walls of a restaurant reflect the spirit of the restaurant. If it is a classic restaurant, plain walls with beautiful frames are enough. For a more retro look, you can opt for wall art inspired by retro themes. Geometric designs on the wall make it look simple and attractive. In case you have a small restaurant use mirrors on walls. An optical illusion can make it look double its size.

Restaurant Glass Wall Design

restaurant glass wall design


Patio Wall Designs

Your patio will be ready for any gathering with a well-designed patio wall. Your patio wall can be a small two feet wall along its boundary which can be used for seating. You can also opt for a wooden wall with concrete flower bed at the bottom. A stone wall with brackets to hold pots with beautiful hanging foliage just adds colour to your wall.

Outdoor Patio Wall Design

outdoor patio wall design

Kim Bartley Design

Patio Brick Wall Design

patio brick wall design

Design by Wintersole Richard Architecture

Photo Wall Designs

Your family photos are the memories that you wish to cherish for life. A photo wall has more emotional connect than any other wall. You should choose the correct frame for your wall as per your interiors. Use similar frames to maintain uniformity. To make your wall more colourful use frames of different colours, sizes and shapes. You can also use unframed pictures to cover a wall.

Bedroom Photo Wall Design

bedroom photo wall design

Photo Frame Wall Design

photo frame wall design

Nursery Wall Designs

You like to keep your kid’s room simple yet attractive. A nursery wall can be painted with cartoon characters and animal figures. Use soothing colours like lighter shades of blue, yellow, pink, peach etc. You can use numbers and alphabets to decorate the walls.

Nursery Tree Wall Design

nursery tree wall design

Wall Design for Girl Nursery

wall design for girl nursery

3D Wall Designs

3D wall designs are perfect for minimalistic décor. Various 3D textures bring style and make your space look plush without any extra embellishments. You can use them for your drawing room, bed room and even bathrooms.

Modern 3D Wall Design

modern 3d wall design

Photo by Lucas Chichon

3D Wall Design for Living Room

3d wall design for living room

These are some simple design options you can follow if you want clarity on the look of your walls. Whether it is your living room, bathroom or bedroom, walls can change the entire look. With so many options available you don’t have to live with boring interiors. Experiment with your walls.

These tips may help you further. Do not overcrowd your walls. Overcrowding makes it look cluttered instead or stylish. Select the right material for your outdoor walls as they are more prone to wear and tear. Wall designs are important as they not only add style to your personal space but also increase their usability for instance bedroom wall and media wall which can be used for storage. Decorate your walls with painting and personal pictures. Don’t hesitate to use metallic wall pieces, nothing can add a rustic look to your walls as they do.

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