Have you ever wondered why we fail or forget to give enough attention to the outdoors while spending a fortune in interior decoration? The truth is that exterior features of your home like your property walls need as much attention, not just to add to the look of the property but also to make the overall building more durable, strong and sturdy. From outdoor wall painting, landscaping and investing in protective brick wall coatings, there’s a lot you can do. Here are some beautiful examples that should speak more in this context.

Modern Exterior Wall Design

modern exterior wall design


Well, this is a gorgeous example to spruce up your modern house courtyard. A completely polished and laminated yard area, the exterior décor also involves some creative architectural genius. The uniqueness of this design is best established after dark and with your warm lights one. Now, who wouldn’t desire such a home!

Stucco Exterior Wall Design

stucco exterior wall design1

Design by Ron Brenner Architects

The simplest way to take care of your exterior walls is to go for a stucco finish. Stucco looks rough but highly kempt and can add a lot to the durability and longevity of your structure.

Exterior Concrete Wall Design

exterior concrete wall design


A lot of creativity can be done using concrete as your outdoor décor material. While your walls will remain the same, you can always go for unique cement work that don’t necessarily are a part of the construction plan but add to the looks. From creative rough patches to concrete lining, the output will really depend on the architect you are working with. You can also see Green Wall Designs

Contemporary Exterior Wall Idea

contemporary exterior wall idea


As shown in this particular example, contemporary design for your exterior building walls could be a mix and match of several materials. Using concrete, tiles, marbles and rocks, you can come up with a décor that will establish a luxurious mood.

Exterior Brick Wall Design Idea

exterior brick wall design idea


An unkempt look for your exterior walls can be an exotic idea, as long as you keep it polished and well maintained. In this case, the architect has established the look of a work out building using color patchwork and different types of tiling. Using rock slabs will also be a perfect idea in this case. You can also see Concrete Retaining Wall Designs

House Exterior Wall Design

house exterior wall design


This is yet another example where rocks slabs and stones have been creatively used to design a luxurious home exterior. Complimented by a kempt landscaping, this could be an ideal scenario if you are remodeling or planning a new house.

Exterior Glass Wall Design

exterior glass wall design1


Glass walls are another unique way to establish your property exteriors but it will require a considerable amount of investment. It is also necessary that you have your property is a setting that isn’t disturbed by less quality architecture. Overall, if you own a very big piece of land, all to yourself, glass walls will be a great idea!

Latest Exterior Stone Wall

latest exterior stone wall


Stone walls also bring in that rustic and old world look and will be a perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes. All you need to ensure that there is a proper landscaping to go with it.

Wooden Exterior Wall

wooden exterior wall


Wooden Walls are another exotic choice to make and also offer the advantages of flexible applications. You can have it in any type of home design, any size of home and whatever country you are located in.

Midcentury Exterior Wall Design

midcentury exterior wall design


Given the presence of the right location, a mid century exterior wall design will look highly relevant and luxurious in any setting. It doesn’t also require a great deal of investment!

Exterior Black Wall Design

exterior black wall design


Exterior Gray Wall Design

exterior gray wall design


Exterior White Rock Wall Design

exterior white rock wall design


Exterior Modern Brick Wall Design

exterior modern brick wall design

Design by : Studio 1 Architects

Traditional Stone Wall Design

traditional stone wall design


Hardwood Exterior Wall Design

hardwood exterior wall design


Modern Stucco Exterior Wall Design

modern stucco exterior wall design


Exterior Gray Concrete Wall Design

exterior gray concrete wall design


Apart from these, there is always the option to customize your rock wall design into creative architecture. We just hope that you can take back some of the ideas we have tried to establish here.

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