Trends of schooling have changed, and people look out for a sophisticated place to study in, besides availing quality education. Well, apart from the academic merits of a modern school, the architectural design also matters a lot. Some of the schools have stunning looks, and they are enough to warrant hundred percent attendance. Here, you can have a look at the ten most iconic Modern School Building Designs of the world.

Ørestad High School

restad high school

Located in Copenhagen, this is a spacious, bright and airy building that every student would like to associate himself or herself with. The building has a boxy exterior and you will come across various shades of transparent glass. It rotates with the movement of the sun. There are several swirling platforms and staircases inside the building.

Green Roof Art School in Singapore

green roof

When you think of some of the best green-roofed buildings of the world, you would surely place this building at the apex position. It is really difficult to identify this five-storeyed building from a distance, as it blends with the greenery around it. There are glass walls in the building, which delivers an iconic attire to it.

Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

jubilee campus university of nottingham

This is actually a renovated factory area, and who could tell the past of the stunning building with the present looks? It has a perfect blend of wood, steel, glass and other materials. There is a lake with crystal-clear water in the middle. There are restaurants and shops, thematically designed to complement the campus.

Albert Einstein High School

albert einstein high school

Although the building is a few decades old, it still has a lot of architectural beauty to offer. It has high linear walls, tall pillars, and a metallic finish to present a stunning look to the students. The glass panes look conspicuous and sophisticated. There are long balconies and spacious halls to provide the students with an elegant space to study in.

Melbourne School Of Design

melbourne school of design


If you had ever imagined a beautiful wood finish interior in a school building, this one is something you need to look out for. With perfect lightings and interior decorations, this is an ideal place to study in, hold meetings, arrange for conferences in the elegant halls and so on. The wooden floor and sides look really stunning.

Hazelwood School

hazelwood school

This is a school for physically handicapped children, and you would be amazed by the gorgeous interior of the building. The bird’s eye view is really breathtaking, and in the interior portion, you will find large and spacious halls, textured sidings and sophisticated glass walls.

Loughborough Design School

loughborough design school

This particular school building won the Building of the Year Award for its innovative approach to exterior designing. There are spacious conference halls, classrooms, and workshops in it. when you stare at the marvel in the exterior, you will find tinted glass panes, sophisticatedly blended with wood work and thin frames.

Park Brow Community Primary School

park brow community primary school

For young pupils, this school brings a beautiful interior. There are spacious rooms, extensive balconies and vibrant walls to provide a seamless source of educational inspiration. The mansion is based on a modular grid and there are flexible arrangements of space allocation in the building.

Deptford Green School

deptford green school building

This is one of the finest looking school buildings of modern times. It comes with an upgraded radio station and studio as well, and you would definitely admire the architectural splendour of the building. There are spacious halls, lounge, tiered seating hall for conference and an overall beautiful look for the school building.

Rutgers Business School

rutgers business school

This is a stunning L-shaped building with a glass exterior. There are three buildings connected to each other. The massive hanging roof on one side is really breathtaking, and there are pairs of pillars supporting the structure. The building is fitted with solar panels and looks gorgeous under any conditions.

With the change of technology, school buildings are assuming greater dimension in looks, and students admire them as a place to study in. Hope you will find these designs interesting.

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