It is no secret that many organizations and institutions make use of different kinds of advertising methods. These can range from banners and television ads to flyers and brochures. Brochures are an especially useful means of advertising, as they are quite adept at conveying most of the relevant information concerning a given organization.

Of course, brochures are not limited to businesses. Even schools can have their own brochures that can sell the institutions to outsiders looking for a place to study. If you were in need of a brochure design for a school, then these designs should be able to help you.

School Trifold Brochure

Language School Trifold Brochure

Junior School Trifold Brochure

Educational School Trifold Brochure

Cooking School Trifold Brochure

Kids School Trifold Brochure

Primary School Brochure

Primary School Admission Brochure

Primary School Brochure Design

Elementary School Brochure

Elementary School Simple Brochure

Elementary School Bifold Brochure

Elementary School Formal Brochure

Dance School Brochure

8 Pages Dance School Brochure

What about School Brochure Designs?

A brochure can be described as a kind of short informative pamphlet mass-produced in order to reach large numbers of people. But unlike pamphlets and flyers, brochures are not really meant to be handed out to people en masse. Brochures are usually given to people only as they visit an institution so as to help advertise the place further. These could range from hospital brochures to law firm brochures.

  • In any case, a brochure is an informative tool that tells its readers more about whatever institution it is concerned with. In the case of corporate designs, this means giving potential clients information about the business and what it has to offer. School brochures are much the same, as their task is to also inform potential students of what benefits they stand to gain from attending the school.
  • Some schools, particularly universities and colleges, also tend to specialize. This is also true of specialist schools like dance or cooking schools. In these cases, it is particularly important to have a brochure to make it very clear what the school has to offer its would-be students. Brochures, being informative documents, would have useful features to do that, such as photos. This can be a very effective measure, as it allows readers to have a close look at what the school has to offer.
  • You could also make the argument that a brochure is also an advertisement. If so, it is a less obvious method than a flyer or a poster. If anything, a brochure is a subtle method of advertising, as rather than be very in-your-face, brochures simply tell you what advantages there are to be had from a given institution and let that speak for itself. This allows readers to just read, and if necessary, compare one school’s advantages against another’s.

How Can You Make Them?

When it comes to designing a brochure, you do have some options as to how to see it done. Of course, you to not have quite the same choices as with other kinds of publications. Being that brochures are a more openly professional kind of document, it is not really possible to add the same kinds of decor like colorful themes.

That is not to say that a brochure cannot be made to look interesting, only that a brochure is inherently constrained by the need to look professional. Some of the options that are available to you usually have to with the brochure’s layout, specifically:

  • Single Sheet – Many brochures, particularly the simple ones, rely on single sheets of paper and simply fold them to create divisions. There are different methods of folds, which can divide the sheet into sections which can help you organize your content.
  • Stapled – This is another valid method of organizing the sections of your brochures. Stapling ages together is more a signature of longer, more complex brochures. Since they have more pages, this allows these brochures to go into greater detail about their subjects.

Your other choices have to do with your choice of subject, as there are several different images you can use to get your point across. Of course, there is some measure of overlap between these approaches, but the distinction is in the portrayal. Some of these include:

  • Person-Oriented – This approach focuses on the persons involved in the school and its operations, such as students and faculty. This approach makes the school look interesting through showing the appeal of joining that particular school and becoming like the people in the brochure.
  • Content-Oriented – This approach focuses instead on what the school does and what it can offer students. This approach allows the school to focus on its particular strengths as a place of learning. In the case of universities and specialist schools alike, this is a chance to tell would-be students what courses are on offer, with the help of visual aids if need be.

School Square Brochure

Junior School Square Brochure

Education Square Prospectus Brochure

Back to School Square Brochure

Business School Brochure

Business School Prospectus Brochure

Business School InDesign Brochure

Summer School Brochure

Summer School Trifold Brochure

High School Brochure

High School Trifold Brochure

High School Bifold Brochure

Junior School Brochure

Junior School Promotion Brochure

Junior School Kids Trifold Brochure

What Do You Look For?

Being that a brochure is meant to market a school toward a particular population, there are some things you would naturally expect of any creative brochure design. Much like other kinds of visual media, the best brochure designs are meant to sell an institution to outsiders, some of whom may be laymen whose knowledge of the school’s subjects may not be as extensive. Take a brochure about any subject, such as garden brochures. The brochure’s job is to both inform and advertise to both laymen and those in the know. In that case, brochures must possess certain elements if they are to succeed at informing outsiders and marketing the institution to outsiders, which include:

  • Descriptive – First and foremost, a brochure is meant to inform outsiders of everything they need to know about the school. As such, it should include all the pertinent information that can help would-be students decide whether the school is worth their time. This would include things like the school’s offerings or its mission and vision, certainly things that might serve to attract people to attend.
  • Appealing – Of course, a brochure is also a marketing tool, and is meant to try and entice people to attend the school. As such, the school has to be presented in an attractive way so as to convince would-be students that the school would be a place worth staying at for years to come. After all, there is more to any school than just academic attractions, and any school must look its best in its own brochure, so to speak.
  • Detailed – There are other bits of information that would be a god idea to inform outsiders of, such as contact details and address. This is also for the benefit of outsiders, as there may be some issues that are not addressed in the brochure, for which they may need to ask someone connected with the school.

Driving School Brochure

Driving School Brochure Design

School Puppy Brochure

School Puppy Brochure Template

School Promotion Brochure

School Promotion Trifold Brochure

School Promotion Bifold Brochure

Multipurpose School Brochure

Multipurpose School Business Brochure

What Kinds School Brochures Are There?

It should come as no surprise that there are so many different kinds of schools; after all, there are several kinds of specialist schools that have more to offer than just a standard education. With that in mind, it follows that there are as many kinds of brochures that can advertise those schools, like there are other kinds of brochures, like for non-profit organizations or for conferences. Of course, that is not to say that standard schools cannot make use of the same kind of advertising. Indeed, even normal schools like elementary and high schools have their own brochures that serve to inform outsiders of what they have to offer. In any case, some of the kinds of brochures available include:

  • Elementary School Designs – Even elementary schools can have their own brochures, in spite of the fact that their offerings are relatively simple. If anything, their brochures are really more for the benefit of parents, so that parents can be assured of sending their children somewhere they approve of.
  • High School Designs – These brochures are designed to sell high schools. These are not quite like college brochure designs, as the student does not quite have the same amount of freedom of choice. However, since the student is older, it is possible to include his input and ask him which school he would feel comfortable with.
  • Language School Designs – Learning a foreign language can be a difficult task. Thankfully, there are schools where one can learn from professionals and with others similarly interested in learning the language. It would be important for these kinds of brochures to be as specific as possible with regard to what they offer, as some students would be looking to study specific languages, possibly exotic ones.
  • Cooking School Designs – This is one kind of school that would benefit a great deal from brochures. While most people can picture what the culinary arts look like, it is a different matter entirely to see the results of an individual school for themselves. The visual aspect of brochures would be a boon here, as it would be very easy for the school to show off what it is capable of.
  • Dance School Designs – The same case can be made for dancing schools, as dance is also a very visual kind of medium. The fact that visual aids can be included can also make it more clear for outsiders what the school has to offer. Furthermore, dance, like other art forms, has many different styles, and photos would make it more clear, especially for those in the know, what kind of options the school can offer.
  • Driving School Designs – Driving is another skill that takes some practice to learn. Thankfully, it is possible to learn the basics and practice under controlled conditions in a driving school. Advertising for a driving school is a fairly straightforward process, but the brochure’s task is to make the specifics clear. After all, would-be drivers would definitely need to be informed whatever it is they need to know even before attending the school.

It is undeniable that any institution would need marketing. In the case of schools, it is especially important that they have this kind of marketing, as schools are always on the lookout for new students. Like any business, a school must promote itself to outsiders if it wants to survive, and brochures are a good way of giving outsiders all the general information about a given school. So if you were looking for school brochure designs, you might want to give these a look.

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