Many modern businesses make use of alternate means of advertising nowadays. That is not to say that they no longer use normal means of advertising, such as television ads, billboards, or online marketing. However, in the name of making sure that more people are made aware of the company’s name and products, it is generally a good idea to make sure that every means of advertising is used.

One alternate means of advertising a company may use is brochures. Brochures are a useful tool for spreading basic information about a body like a company. In a way, a brochure is a way of introducing a company. Any brochure contains basic information about a company, such as an introduction, mission statement, services, and others. You may also like brochures Templates.

Software Company Marketing Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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  • MS Word
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  • Publisher

Size: US


Software Company Marketing Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: A3, US


Software Company Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
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Size: US


Square Company Brochure

Square Company Profile Brochure

Corporate Square Company Brochure

16 Page Creative Creative Company Brochure

Square Bi-fold Company Brochure

Creative Company Brochure

A4 Creative Company Brochure

Creative Company Profile Brochure Template

Clean & Creative Company Brochure

Business Company Brochure

Business Company Brochure Catalogue

Business Company Portfolio Brochure

A5 Business Company Brochure

Company Profile Brochure

Company Profile Annual Report Brochure

Professional Company Profile Brochure

Company Profile Corporate Brochure

Modern Company Profile Brochure

Company Profile Brochure

What is a Company Brochure?

Brochures are, basically, a short, informative document containing information on an organization like a company, and whatever it offers, such as goods or services. That is not all that they are used for.

  • If you have ever gone to tourist destinations, you may have noticed brochures containing relevant information about the area, as well as local attractions.
  • In the case of companies, brochures basically tell you everything you need to know about the company in question in a nutshell.

Brochures vs. Flyers

Conventional advertising, such as billboards and television ads, are aimed at reaching large populations in general. On the other hand, brochures and flyers can reach people more directly, as they can be handed to individuals or distributed to visitors.

Of course, one might notice that flyers and brochures are not quite identical. Brochures are far more informative in comparison, and can introduce their subjects in more detail.

That said, they are both useful advertising tools for spreading word of something.

Which Companies Use these Brochure Designs?

Practically any company can make use of brochures; brochures as a concept are flexible enough to be used in any field. You may have noticed brochures being used in places such as schools and hotels, in addition to seeing them in businesses. In businesses proper, you may have seen brochures in a manager’s office, where they would need to be displayed to explain the company to potential hires. In any case, no one can deny that companies of all stripes can find ways to use brochures like these. Some examples would include:

  • Cleaning – A cleaning business, like any other business, could make use of brochures to help explain exactly what they do and how they work. This can take the form of clearly defining their services and explaining their work ethic to prospective clients. This can be very important, especially to clients who take the cleanliness of their workplaces seriously.
  • Construction – For those who may need construction done, a brochure could help potential clients find out exactly how a given construction company operates. This could allow clients to find out whether they can get their money’s worth out of a given company. After all, shoddy construction could be more than an inconvenience, and it would be good to gauge a company’s work ethic before starting the work.
  • Software – Software is an increasingly significant tool in business, and is becoming proportionally significant in all aspects of life. However, because it is a relatively new tool, it is not totally understood by laymen. Specialists may have to explain themselves and the nature of their work so that those outside the profession can understand how the company does its job.
  • Travel – Travel companies would have a particular interest in using brochures. Given that their clients would be interested in travel, it would be a help to customers who may need assistance in finding out more about possible destinations quickly.

Modern Company Brochure

Modern Company Tri-fold Brochure

Simple Modern Company Brochure

Clean Company Brochure

Cleaning Service Company Brochure

Clean Services Company Tri-fold Brochure

Clean Services Bi-fold Company Brochure

Cleaning Company A5 Brochure Design

Bi-fold Company Brochure

IT Company Bi-Fold Brochure

Construction Bi-fold Company Brochure

Industrial Bi-fold Company Brochure

Bi-fold Company Business Brochure

Corporate Company Brochure

SG Construction Company Profile Brochure

Construction Corporate Company Brochure

A5 Corporate Company Brochure

Corporate Company Brochure

Construction Company Brochure

Sunshine Construction Company Tri Fold Brochure

Building Construction Company Brochure

Do It Yourself Brochure Design

There are a number of qualities one should look out for when designing their brochures. Like most kinds of visual media, brochures rely on giving curious clients everything they need to know via images and text together. This can be a useful tool for businesses that find themselves having to explain some points to their clientele. But in order to do that effectively, brochures have to have to possess certain qualities.

  • Detailed – In some ways, a company’s brochure can be seen as a way for the company to sell itself to potential clients. In that case, the brochure had best contain all the relevant information that can convince clients to rely on the company. Some clients may also be curious or lacking knowledge about what the company can really do, so a brochure is an excellent way to shed light on what the company does.
  • Organized – Any given brochure only has so much space to present everything it needs to, which means it had best be economic with its space. A brochure has to be able to present all the information a client needs to better understand the company within that limited amount of space; it is important that a brochure be able to do this, for if the information is not organized, clients cannot actually learn anything.
  • Dynamic – Being a visual medium, a brochure must also look dynamic in order to engage readers’ interest. Advertising in general requires interesting imagery to hook customers on what the company is selling, and brochures are no exception. Besides, images can also serve to reinforce whatever point the company is trying to make. Interesting imagery may also help the brochure explain some points that those outside the company may not understand.
  • Customizable – Being that these designs are templates for all sorts of companies, it would help if they were customizable. This would allow more kinds of companies to use these templates, so that the designs could find more uses everywhere. Just about any company can find a use for brochure templates, so the more uses these designs can find means that more companies may be better served.

Technology Company Brochure

Technology Company Bi-fold Brochure

Best Technology Company Brochure

Travel Company Brochure

Travel Company Tri-fold Brochure

Retro Style Travel Company Brochure

Travel Company Profile Brochure

Travel Company A4 Bi Fold Brochure

Trifold Company Brochure

Software Trifold Company Brochure

Health Insurance Company Tri Fold Brochure Design

Transportation Trifold Company Brochure

Health Insurance Company Brochure

Landscape Company Brochure

Clean Landscape Company Brochure

Landscape Company Business Brochure Template

Clean Landscape Company Brochure

A4 Landscape Company Portfolio Brochure

Landscape Company Brochure

A5 Landscape Company Profile Brochure

Types of Brochure Designs

There are quite a number of ways that you can classify brochure designs. Like anything else, one can find a lot of categories in which these brochures can be placed. But perhaps the most significant way one can organize brochures is by fold. If you recall seeing a brochure, you may remember seeing that the brochure was folded so as to emulate pages from a book.

As it turns out, there are specific ways of folding brochures, so that a single sheet of paper can contain more content. Folding a paper can divide that sheet into distinct panels where specific information can be placed. Larger sheets of paper would necessitate more fold so as to organize them further; these larger sheets can include documents like maps or spread documents. Some of these methods of folding include:

  • Bi-Fold – A bi-fold is the simplest fold; all you need do is fold the paper in half. This leaves you with four panels, as brochures are usually printed on both sides. If you had only simple information to share, this would be the most convenient kind of fold. All the information is displayed very simply, so that it is easy to follow.
  • Tri-Fold – Another simple fold, a tri-fold involves folding the sheet into thirds; this means that readers need only unfold the brochure to read everything, much like a bi-fold. Being that there are six panels, you can place more information here than you could in a bi-fold.
  • Gate Fold – Gate folds can be either single or double. They are so named because they are folded in such a way that unfolding them makes them resemble a gate. A gate fold is good for wide presentations that require readers to see all the content at once.
  • Accordion Fold – An accordion fold is also referred to as a “z-fold,” because of how the folded brochure resembles a “z” when viewed from the top. This is a good fold for segregating information into panels that can be further grouped by page.
  • Double Fold – Also called a parallel fold, this fold consists of folding a brochure in half, then folding it in half again. This is a good fold for segregating information into individual panels so that readers can go slowly ad read each panel in detail.

Some brochures can go the extra mile by actually being manufactured as booklets. These brochures, rather than single sheets of folded paper, are made up of several sheets stapled together. This allows the brochure to contain more information, as space is no longer so limited as to be restricted to individual panels.

Brochures are an undeniably useful resource for almost any company. There are so many possible uses for these brochures that companies would do well to use them in general. Not only do they make for good advertising, but brochures can also help to make things to clear to both clients and personnel within the company. In short, brochures are a useful tool that modern companies really can and should not do without.

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