Brochures are not just pieces of special paper you give out to random people for them to breeze through. More than being informational, they also require a lot of creative energy to be presentable and visually stimulating. If you’re currently in a creative block with no idea where to go with your advertising strategies, then maybe what you need to do is revamp your brochures.

Brochures are valuable resources that can be very useful in advertising a corporation or business. They have to be able to communicate effectively and push people to get involved. In order to achieve that, your brochure designs have to look amazing. Our list of Illustrator brochures is here to give you some ideas on what an ideal brochure would look like. Download and try them out!

A4 Illustrator Brochures

A4 Landscape Illustrator Brochure

a4 landscape illustrator brochure

Tri-fold Illustrator Brochures


A4 Tri-fold Illustrator Brochure

tri fold illustrator brochures

Creative Trifold Brochure

creative trifold brochure

Illustrator Bi-fold Brochures

Square Bi-fold Brochure

square bi fold brochure

Business Bi-fold Brochure

business bi fold brochure

Company Illustrator Brochures

Corporate Company Illustrator Brochure

corporate company illustrator brochure

Square Illustrator Brochures

Square Blank Illustrator Brochure

square blank illustrator brochure

Why Are Brochures Awesome?

If you’ve never really taken brochures seriously, you’d be surprised to know how advantageous they can be to your business. They present a lot of opportunities for you or your company to gain more clients, employees, or business partners. If you’re wondering how that can be so, here’s a run down on what makes brochures so awesome.

  • Exposure – Brochures introduce your company or business to people you didn’t expect to reach. It’s ideal for you to display your brochures in areas frequented by your target market; but if they’re truly effective, they can reach far more places than you can imagine.
  • Flexibility – Brochures are useful advertising tools for practically any field. You can create brochures to talk about your profession in any way that best suits your image and brand. There’s plenty of templates and themes you can use—whether that’s for a real estate brochure, a spa brochure, or a brochure for a humanitarian cause.
  • Convenience – Brochures are handy and accessible. They’re not at all hassling to the reader and can be carried around anywhere. They’re also easy to mass produce. You can make as many brochures you want covering different aspects of your company, and distribute them to different areas.
  • Creativity – The main purpose of a brochure is to inform, but you have the creative liberty to present your information however you like. Brochures have to be appealing to the consumers. Therefore, you’d need to strike a balance between informing and intriguing. Your effectiveness is measured on how well your readers can respond to your creative brochure designs.

Brochures can be extremely helpful if you have set goals and objectives for your company or business. Aside from being creative in the planning and designing process, you would also need to be strategic. Start planning on your designs and methods of distribution to ensure a successful strategy.

When and Where to Distribute Brochures

In displaying and distributing your brochures, set a strategy to better reach your target market. There are numerous ways to distribute your brochures. The key is to be aware of the best methods.

  • Research and observe. Take note of places your target market like to frequent. Moreover, keep in mind the busiest time of the day. Set a date or weekend to reserve a spot and display your brochures.
  • Join job fairs. Take part in job fairs and set up an attention-grabbing booth. Be open and interactive to draw people to your booth. Give freebies and little trinkets along with your brochures to keep the mood light.
  • Attend events and art exhibits. Find your niche in social gatherings and different types of events. You’ll never know who you might come across. The most interested clients or customers might not be the ones you expect.

Real Estate Illustrator Brochures

Real Estate Agency Illustrator Brochure

real estate agency illustrator brochure

Business Illustrator Brochures

Business Illustrator Layout Brochure

A4 Business Brochure

a4 business brochure1

Blank Illustrator Brochures

Blank Tri-fold Illustrator Brochure

blank tri fold illustrator brochure

Blank Bi-fold Illustrator Brochure

blank bi fold illustrator brochure

Illustrator Brochure Menu

Illustrator Ice Cream Brochure Menu

illustrator ice cream brochure menu

Creative Illustrator Brochures

Square Creative Illustrator Brochure

square creative illustrator brochure

A5 Illustrator Brochures

A5 Business Brochure Catalog

a5 business brochure catalog

Illustrator Advertising Brochure

Illustrator Advertising Agency Brochure

illustrator advertising agency brochure

Different Type of Brochure Designs

  • Professional Illustrator Brochures

If you want your brochures looking sleek and professional, go for neat and organized designs. Corporations, modern technology businesses, and real estate agencies usually opt for the professional look in brochures.

Visuals are strategically placed in certain parts of a corporate brochure to avoid becoming too distracting and busy. Typefaces and colors are usually kept to a minimum of one or two to be more direct.

Modern professional brochures are presentable in any format. You can make use of landscape bi-fold layout or an A4 tri-fold brochure. The quantity of information you present can be affected by the size and format of your brochure. It’s imperative to plan ahead so as not to compromise the quality.

  • Creative Brochures for Visuals and InfoGraphics

There are certain companies or businesses that are more inclined to graphs and visuals; and there are people who also respond more to this type of information presentation.

Creative brochures are perfect for visual learners and graphic artists. There is less text than usual and more on images and graphs to present valid and valuable information. It’s common for creative brochures to merge two panels together to better present their information graphics.

Creative brochures can be presented in a tri-fold format or a square bi-fold to utilize the available space. Color usage is often limited to background and graphs while text should appear in a uniformed color.

  • Business Catalogs

A business catalog can be an extension of a brochure since they feature a descriptive list of products or services in the form of a leaflet or booklet. They may be more extensive than brochures but not exactly by a long shot. They still have to be concise and brief with just as much appeal to attract clients and consumers.

Catalogs for travel agencies, fashion brands, or university courses incorporate different designs to attract their potential consumers. Travel agencies, for example, have to be lively and colorful with vivid images of travel destinations to attract tourists. Fashion brands also have their own aesthetics to advertise. University catalogs for their list of courses have to incorporate the school’s colors and logo.

  • Art Brochures

Brochures to feature artists and photographers have more unconventional designs. They make use of very dynamic designs and patterns, or make use of their own. Art brochures can be used to feature an artists’ works during an exhibit. With images of the artworks in several panels, the brochure can provide a brief description of every piece. One panel can feature the artist with a short biography.

The use of colors and typefaces should suit the personality of the artist and supplement the aesthetics of his or her works.

Once you’re set with your brochure designs, you shouldn’t be ashamed to share them to the world. Brochures introduce you or your company to the public, and they should be able to express all the things that make you or your business interesting. If done right, your brochures will attract the right people and lead you closer to where you want to be.

If your destination is still something you want to find out, practice and experiment with an Illustrator brochure design to get a sense of where that might be.

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