These are graphic files, sometimes layered, available in different formats like the PSD, EPS,etc. The Adobe illustrator CS version is used to edit the file. These are premium files and are available online along with images for the online visitors to see. These files can be downloaded for use. Some of the intriguing features of the graphic files are that they are available in A4 size, and can be tri-folded. There are different types of cosmetics tri-fold brochures. The common type of brochures includes the cosmetics tri-fold brochure, Cosmetic & Beauty Brochure, Beauty & Spa Brochure, beauty Center Tri-fold Brochure, beauty Center Tri-fold Brochure. You may also like Brochure Templates

Cosmetics Trifold Brochure

A simple tri-fold brochure, available in multiple formats like the photo shop PSD, vector EPS. The brochure is layered, requires Adobe CS to open. The brochure is available in print ready formats. The brochure is available on the web from where one can download it.

Hair & Makeup In-design Brochure

The in-design brochure is used in make-up and hair studio. The brochure design is simple, does not require much knowledge about Adobe. The graphic elements of the brochure are well organized on separate layers. This brochure is available online from where it can be downloaded for use.

Cosmetic & Beauty Brochure

This simple yet stylish brochure for commercial purposes has easy to change text, document guide. The cosmetic brochures have .EPS files for backgrounds. The graphic files included in the brochure are the Vector EPS, In-Design INDD.

Beauty & Spa Brochure

This creative tri-fold brochure is used for beauty and spa stores. It has a corporate look, is 100% customizable, the brochures are resizable, editable without loss of quality. The file types used in the brochure include the EPS, AI.

Cosmetology Brochure Template

The brochure is available in Adobe In-design, Microsoft Word, Illustrator, Corel Draw. These premium templates are available online from where one can purchase the same. There are a number of design templates like the flyer, flyer and ad, postcard, brochure which looks similar to the cosmetology brochure template.

Beauty Center Tri-fold Brochure

These types of brochures are designed for commercial purposes. The brochure has a professional look, it is easy to modify. In this brochure, the users can find used fonts, instruction guidelines. To view the brochure software like Adobe Illustrator Cs, In-design software CS4, graphics software are used

Modern Beauty Salon Brochure

The beauty salon brochure is layered uses the In-Design INDD graphic files. The brochure is best viewed using the Adobe CS4 version. The brochure has multipurpose utility. It is used at beauty, salon, spa, hair stylist store.

Makeup Artist Tri Fold Brochure

Creating tri-fold brochures is simplified using the Adobe In-design. By placing the photos, printing the text, the online user is ready to print the brochure. The tri-fold brochure contains as many as six different page designs. The file types included in the brochure are EPS, INDD. The brochure is essentially layered.

Hairstylist Brochure Template

The hair style brochure template are available in different file formats like the Adobe Illustrator, In-design, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw. The premium product is available online from where it can be downloaded.

Cosmetic Products Brochure

The product catalog-v2 is available in different file types like the TIFF, INDD. Simple in design, can be edited using the software tools like the Adobe CS4+. The product catalog is a premium product which is available online from where it can be downloaded for use.

Protecting Cream Sun Brochure

Medical Cosmetic Brochure

Girl Lipstick Brochure


Olive Cosmetics Brochure

Fenix Cosmetics Brochure

Cosmetic and Spa Brochure

Cosmetic Promotional Brochure

Stylish Cosmetic Brochure

Cosmetic Artistry Brochure

Medical Cosmetic Products Brochure

Beauty Makeup and Lipstick Collection Brochure

Organic Cosmetic Brochure

The above is discussed a few brochures, catalogs that are used for commercial purposes. The different brochures are available online and customers can shop the one of their choice and preference. The brochures are available in different file formats and tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CS are used to edit the brochure, catalog online.

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