A brochure is a good addition to any company looking for ways to up their game in the advertising and marketing fields. Having a company brochure is one way of introducing who you are as a company, and what makes you relevant in the business industry.

If you’ve been searching for company brochure design ideas, then the search ends here. What we’ve got lined up are some of the best brochure designs you can use for your own company. They are sleek, professional, and can cater to any type of company. You can download and customize them to fit your brand. Check them out!

Construction Company Brochure

Construction Company Trifold Brochure

Construction Company Bifold Brochure

Construction Company Profile Brochure

Cleaning Company Brochure

Cleaning Service Company Brochure

Cleaning Company Trifold Brochure

Cleaning Services Company Brochure

Brochure Formats

There are many ways to present your brochures. As you work on your corporate brochure templates, try out different formats to see which one can produce the best look and better content quality.

  • A tri-fold brochure creates three panels on either side of your brochure. One panel can serve as one whole page for you to put in a specific topic or aspect about your company. The Construction Company Trifold Brochure, Real Estate Company Trifold Brochure and Cleaning Company Trifold Brochure give you the traditional tri-fold with neat information display and balance in image and text.
  • A bi-fold brochure creates two panels on each side, giving you a total of four panels to promote your company. If you want a dynamic-looking brochure, the Creative Company Bifold Brochure and Square Real Estate Company Brochure have the right mix of modern and traditional.
  • Some companies like to stand out with an unconventional layout, like the A4, square and/or landscape brochures. The Square Company Catalog Brochure, Clean Landscape Company Brochure, and A4 Creative Company Brochure look entirely refreshing with their unique layout and presentable content. Creating a brochure may take some time in preparation because you have to know which information to value over all the others. Once you have an outline of your content, make sure it will fit in your chosen brochure type.

Company Profile Brochure

Square Company Profile Brochure

A5 Company Profile Brochure

Professional Company Profile Brochure

Company Business Profile Brochure

Advertising Company Brochure

Advertising Company Brochure Design

Types of Brochures

Not every last bit of information about your company can be included in your brochures; and you shouldn’t attempt it either. A good brochure is as engaging as it is direct. It shouldn’t hold the attention of the reader to the point of boredom, but be interesting enough to make people want to know more.

This is why you can make several types of company brochures to serve different purposes.

  • A company profile provides an overview of the company—its background, programs, unique characteristics, goals, and more. This can be one of the easiest to design if you plan on sticking with your company’s aesthetics. For the strictly corporate and professional, the Corporate Company Profile Brochure and Professional Company Profile Brochure are ideal design choices. Technology-driven and visually-oriented companies can opt for the A5 Company Profile Brochure and Company Business Profile Brochure with futuristic tones and geometrical patterns.
  • A service brochure is more condensed, tackling a specific aspect about a company: their services. You can be more detailed and thorough in explaining your featured services with the images to support them. The Cleaning Service Company Brochure is an example of a light and modern brochure design that projects a warm and reassuring image from the company.
  • A business catalog provides all the products and services you can avail from a company, with a short description of the products and methods of purchase. This is pretty common for fashion brands, furniture designs, and travel agencies. The Architecture Company Brochure Design is the right choice if you want to bring out your creativity with abstract designs and striking colors. If want to tone it down a little, you can go for minimalism with the Travel Company Profile Brochure to feature all the best travel destinations and their corresponding packages.

Creative Company Brochure

Creative Company Bifold Brochure

Creative Company Profile Brochure

A4 Creative Company Brochure

Square Creative Company Brochure

Business Company Brochure

Business Company Portfolio Brochure

Business Company Profile Brochure

A5 Business Company Brochure

Essential Brochure Features

As you plan out the content of your business brochures, you have to make sure you don’t leave out certain essential features:

  1. Company Name and Logo – These are extremely important if you want people to know who you are as they read your brochure, and for them to recognize you once encountered in different settings. They mark your identity and should be visible in all your platforms.
  2. Inspiring Images – Balance your brochure with bright images and text. Your images are one of the first few elements that capture the attention of your readers. They have to be relevant and captivating.
  3. Cohesive Content – Your images should make sense once supplemented with your content. Keep text light and conversational. Speak the language of your target market to make it easier for them to relate to you.
  4. Call to Action – This is usually found at the end or back cover of your brochure. A call to action is your way of bridging your potential client to your company. You can create a sense of urgency that can push the potential client to get involved as soon as possible.

Every part of your brochure should create a clear and comprehensive picture of your company. The front cover itself should draw the attention of the reader that will inspire him or her to take part in your business.

Square Company Brochure

Square Company Catalog Brochure

Square Real Estate Company Brochure

Company Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Company Trifold Brochure

Travel Company Trifold Brochure

Transportation Company Trifold Brochure

Corporate Company Brochure

Corporate Company Profile Brochure

Square Corporate Company Brochure

A5 Corporate Company Brochure

Architecture Company Brochure

Architecture Company Brochure Design

Modern Architecture Company Brochure

Landscape Company Brochure

Clean Landscape Company Brochure

Landscape Company Brochure Design

Landscape Company Profile Brochure

Real Estate Company Brochure

Real Estate Company Bifold Brochure

Real Estate Brochure Design

Travel Company Brochure

Travel Agency Company Brochure

Retro Style Travel Company Brochure

Travel Company Profile Brochure

How to Make Your Brochures Visible

Your company brochures do more than just meet your clients and potential clients halfway. Your brochures have to be where your market will be even before they’ve reached the venue. In some cases, potential clients are not even aware of your company’s relevance to them until they see your brochures, intentionally or not.

To take full advantage of the situation, you have to set clear goals and an effective strategy.

  1. Know your target market. This means knowing their interests—places they frequent, events they attend, websites they are most active in. You will then know where and when to distribute your brochures that will get the best response from recipients.
  2. Join job fairs or festivals. Depending on your type of business, set up a booth in an appropriate setting or during an event that can allow you to interact with your target market.
  3. Have an online presence. Make yourself known online to reach a bigger audience by making digital brochures and posters on your social media accounts that will then lead people to your website.

Producing your company brochures is a perfect blend of tedium and fun. There are some that can have more creativity, while others tend to be more formal. Either way, your brochure designs should embody the values and unique attributes of your company.

Download our best designs and incorporate them in your brochures. They’er also great for your advertising brochures.

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