If you ever wanted to visit exotic locales—whether for business or pleasure—you may have used a travel brochure. Travel brochures are an excellent way for tourists to get an idea of what travel destinations are like before actually setting out, as well as the prices for travel and other expenses. Thanks to these brochures, you should be well-prepared for any such trips.

Of course, if you are in the tourism business, you should put some thought in how you want to come up with your own brochure designs. In that case, these templates should be a boon for you. With these particular templates, you should be able to design brochures to suit your particular purposes, whatever those may be.

Trifold Travel Brochure

Travel & Tourism Trifold Brochure

Travel Agency Trifold Brochure

Travel Business Trifold Brochure

Travel Agency Brochure

Travel Agency Brochure Catalog InDesign Template

Travel Agency Bifold Brochure

Square Travel Agency Brochure

Holiday Travel Brochure

Holiday Travel Brochure Design

Travel Agency Trifold Brochure

Holiday Travel Trifold Brochure

The Right Travel Brochure for You

It is no secret that most businesses nowadays use brochures to help sell themselves. After all, a creative brochure design is a good way for companies to explain the nature of their business, what they have to offer, and more. The best brochure designs have all that is necessary to tell customers exactly what they can expect from a given company.

Travel brochures are no different from any of those others. However, where other companies’ brochures let them explain themselves and, say, their products to their customer bases, a travel brochure’s main concern is selling tourism. Unlike others, travel brochures explain the tourist destinations they feature. But like other brochures, their task is to make those destinations sound appealing. In a way, it is the destination that is what is being sold to customers.

Being that tourism is a growing industry, it is no surprise that more people are interested in traveling, especially to places they would think exotic. After all, people are in a better position to travel in recent years thanks to it becoming relatively easier to travel. Some countries even market themselves as tourist destinations, and go so far as to make a great deal of money from tourism.

A Question of Design

With all that in mind, you might ask about specific approaches to making your own travel brochure design. In truth, there are several options available to you; the bottom with these brochures is that they can sell specific tourist destinations or travel agencies. How brochures are designed is not exactly a strict formula, and there are ways to vary how to do it.

Some of the choices available to you include whether you want the brochure to be folded or saddle-stitched. Each design has its advantages, specifically:

  • Folded – A folded brochure is a fairly simple design, as it simply consists of a large sheet folded so as to create divisions where content can be added. This approach also makes placing and organizing content simple, as the folds make it easier to organize content into sections.
  • Saddle-Stitched – This approach consists of actually stapling through the center of several sheets. Being that you can use several sheets of paper, it is possible to possible to include more content than with a folded brochure. Some long brochures indeed do this, as you have more space, and can go into greater detail than if you simply used a folded brochure.

Even with these approaches, there are some ways of classifying them further, so that your choices can be made as specific as possible. In the case of folded brochures, as you have options concerning what fold you may wish to use, such as:

  • Tri-Fold – As the name suggests, this type of brochure is folded into thirds. Each third can contain a snippet of information concerning tourist destinations or the agency’s particular offerings. Of course, since there is only so much space available per fold, you will have to be succinct with your information.
  • Bi-Fold – A bi-fold simply folds a large sheet in half, leaving you with more space per fold than a tri-fold. This naturally gives you more space per fold so you can go into more detail on each topic you wish to discuss, at the cost of not being able to include as many different topics.

Fun Travel Brochure

Fun Travel Trifold Brochure

Fun Travel Brochure Template

Modern Travel Brochure

Modern Travel Brochure Design

Printable Travel Brochure

Printable Trifold Travel Brochure

Bifold Travel Brochure

Bifold Holiday Travel Brochure

Bifold Travel Tourism Brochure

Corporate Travel Bi-Fold Brochure

Travel Brochure Catalog

Travel Brochure & Catalog Template

Travel Agency Brochure Catalog

What’s in a Travel Brochure?

Travel brochures are clearly capable of being designed in different ways to suit the needs of specific users. There are a great number of options available for making any given travel brochure design. Even so, there are some elements of travel brochures that are universal to all such brochures. Some of those qualities include:

  • Informative – Brochures are expected to be informative, more so in the case of travel brochures. In many cases, they are advertising for places that many of their customers have never seen, so it is important that they be able to inform readers of everything they would need to know about the places featured in the brochures.
  • Attractive – As an advertising tool, brochures are also obliged to make whatever they promote look attractive so as to attract people. The job of advertising is to make products look appealing, or else customers will have no incentive to buy them. This is doubly so in the case of destinations, as foreign locales have to be made as attractive as possible. After all, would-be tourists are looking to enjoy themselves, and are willing to go out of their way to do so.
  • Convenient – Being that brochures contain so much information, it is only natural that in doing so they add conveniences for the benefit of readers. This does not only extend to providing information on various tourist destinations, but also giving tourists information on prices so they know to watch their wallets, as well as any information that can problems like culture shock and diseases.

One might note that many of these qualities are also visible in other kinds of brochures. However, the argument can be made that in the case of travel brochures, it is especially important that they have these qualities. The main reason for this is that, unlike with other businesses, it is harder to verify any claims made by these brochures, so it is important to sell the destinations and simultaneously be transparent so as to avoid complications.

Vintage Travel Brochure

Vintage Travel Brochure Trifold

A4 Travel Brochure

A4 Bifold Travel Brochure

Travel Company Brochure

Travel Company Brochure Design

Retro Style Travel Company Brochure

Business Travel Brochure

Business Travel A4 Trifold Brochure

Business Travel Brochure Design

Business Travel Brochure Portfolio

Adventure Travel Brochure

Adventure Travel Brochure Template

Different Species of Travel Brochures

It is a given that any business naturally has different aspects to it, and tourism is no different. Even vacationing needs its advertising. There is no one way to travel, as there are obviously different ways to experience any such trip. With that in mind, it is no wonder that there are quite so many different types of travel brochure designs. Each type of trip would have to be explained, especially those that are different from many people’s assumption of what tourism looks like.

  • Travel Agency Designs – Some brochures, like the travel brochures, advertise for travel agencies, though this is less so nowadays given the relative ease in making one’s own travel arrangements. Still, leaving the arrangements to an agency is still an option, especially as some travel agencies can offer special packages that can make a trip more interesting, such as tours. If you wanted information on such packages, this would be the brochure to consult.
  • Location Designs – Some brochures explicitly advertise and promote specific locations, usually locales people associate heavily with tourism. This can include getaway destinations, like resort brochures, or places considered cultural centers, such as city brochures. Whatever the appeal, there are some places that attract large numbers of tourists, and there are any number of reasons for advertising them. Even governments have an interest in promoting such places, particularly places that receive a considerable amount of revenue from tourism.
  • Business Designs – Not all traveling is done for recreation; sometimes it is necessary to travel for professional reasons, such as for business trips and meetings. In that case, it would be a good idea for there to be brochures to market such places to interested customers. Business tourism can make up a considerable percentage of tourism, and it is to be expected that these tourists will patronize local businesses no matter the purpose of the visit. As such, brochures should also concern themselves with promoting business tourism, as that is a very viable market.
  • Adventure Travel Designs – Some kinds of tourist attractions market themselves differently from what is thought to be the norm. Adventure tourism is a kind of tourism that is generally held to be more a more exotic kind of tourism, which can be characterized as pushing participants out of their comfort zone. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is a customer base for this kind of experience. Brochures advertising for this kind of tourism should take note that most tourists that would be attracted to this kind of tourism are likely looking for something exciting and extraordinary, and should advertise the trip as such.

Travel brochures have much in common with fellow types of brochures, particularly in the sense that they can inform customers of what to expect from what they buy. Of course, it is not entirely the same thing, but the essentials are present in just about any kind of brochure. If you happened to be interested in these or any other kind of brochure, there are a number of other brochures available that should be able to meet any kind of need you may have.

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