Organizing a camp can be fun and challenging at the same time. With different camps available you need to ensure that your program stands out and that is where these brochures come in. They are easy to distribute meaning that they can easily get to many people and have adequate space to provide valuable information at a glance. Whether for sports or adventure, in this list there is a beautiful camp brochure that will show all the fun activities you offer. You may also See Hospital Brochures

Kids Summer Camp Brochure

A summer camp brochure is all about telling kids how much fun they will have in your program and that is what this trifold kid’s summer camp brochure illustrates. It is colorful, print ready and has smart object photo placeholder’s where you can display images of kids doing various fun activities.

Adventure Camping Brochure

By downloading this brochure, you can easily advertise the life-changing adventures that your camp offers. This brochure is flexible that you can easily edit the text, replace images and add your business logo so that people can relate with your camp.

Summer Camp Tri-fold Brochure

To efficiently advertise your summer camp, use this vector trifold brochure. It has a minimalist design that will clearly let your photos and texts pop. It has ample space to add eye-catching images and give content that parents would love to know more about.

Junior Summer Camp School Brochure

With this junior summer camp school brochure, you can show important details about your camp such as the age of kids and the time they will be doing camp activities, types of activities offered as well as contact information for your camp. The bright colors and ability to include images make this brochure captivating.

Youth Camp Bi-fold Brochure

This bi-fold brochure is ideal for youth camps. It comes print ready and has editable text, making it easier to add information about the duration of the camp and needed fees for registration. With this brochure, you can advertise all the fun events offered under one roof. You may also See Charity and Donation Brochure

Summer Camp A5 Brochure

This kids summer camp A5 brochure is 100% customizable, and you can resize all objects according to what you want without having to worry about quality loss. It even comes with designated spaces on which you can put information on where to register for the camp including the price.

Sport Camp Brochure

Promote interesting sports programs offered in your camp using this brochure. You can show different games to cater for all kids interests and even include various outdoor camping activities such as rock climbing and campfires. This design even features a sign-up form for those who want to join the camp.

Football Camp Brochure Design

Does you camp work to harness the football skills of kids? Then this A4 football camp brochure is perfect for you. With this design, you can show children that they can play football for fun as well as grow their skills for those who see football as a career choice. It works in both Photoshop and Illustrator format.

Church Camp Brochure

Whether you are a church organization, mission agency or a school, if you provide Christian camping then this brochure is for you. With this unique camp church brochure, you can tell people more about your program and provide useful details that will interest people.

Download Printable Camp Brochure

Download this attractive printable camp brochure that will show different pictures about your camping program. They even work as catalogs for shopkeepers to show kids the various camping options available.You may also See College Brochure

With any of these camp brochures, you can provide the necessary details that will motivate an individual to register immediately. While the colors and high-quality images play a crucial role in ensuring a camp brochure stands out, bold text on how people will benefit by attending your camp can work to persuade people to enroll.

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