Food icons are required whenever you are working on any project related to food, which, may be designing a website for a restaurant or a flyer for a food festival. And for different types of designing you need different types of food icons. Some artwork requires colorful icons while in other you need single tone icons.

Hence, to help you choose icons for your artwork here is a collection of few set of food icons that are unique and appropriate for designing websites or brochures.

Mixed Set of Food Icons

mixed set of food icons

This is a mixed set of icons that include food, desserts and drinks. It also includes everything in culinary and items that are required for decorating the menus. Thus, use them for designing any restaurant website or banner for the food hub. These vector icons can be modified as per your need, both in size and color.

Food Icons Collection

food icons collection


These food icons are fully resizable and you can edit the color of the icons. You will get transparent PNG files. There are a number of different icons which are used regularly at food related places.

Different Vector Food Icons

different vector food icons

Here are 35 different food icons that are available in five different colors. These icons are available in green, orange, black, blue and grey colors. You can resize these vector icons. The zip file includes transparent .png and high-resolution jpeg.

Hand Drawn Food Doodle Icons

hand drawn food doodle icons

These hand drawn food doodle icons are perfect for designing menus or any other culinary arts. These food icons are best to use when you have a food blog or you are planning to design a recipe. These vector icons can come handy as they can easily resize. Have everything in these icons that are related to food, which includes drinks, food, desserts, vegetables, fruits, utensils and even kitchen appliances too.

Colorful Vector Food Icon Set

colorful vector food icon set

This colorful food icon set comprise of almost every icons that are related to food. Use them for making your artwork attractive and convey the right message. These vector icons are available in vector format that enables you to edit them easily.

Fast Food Icons Set

fast food icons set1

Need icons for fast food items like French fries, sandwich, Donut, Pizza, kebab, soda, ice creams, tacos and more? These simple fast food icons are here to help you design the artwork related to fast food. They are multicolored and available in vector format for editing them according to your need. Use rich colored icons to make the designs attractive and eye-catching. You may also See Coffee Icons

Minimalist Gray Food Icons

minimalist gray food icons

If you need some gray scale food icons then you can use these minimalist gray icons. They are cute and have items like sushi, hot cup of soup, chef cap, fork and knife, cupcake and other icons related to food. These vector icons helps you in resizing these icons without any problem with the quality of the icons.

High Resolution Multicolor Icons

high resolution multicolor icons1

Here are certain high resolution multicolor icons that are best for designing food blogs, ads and flyers for restaurants and food hub and any other design relating to food.

Flat Food and Drink Icons

flat food and drink icons

You can use these colorful flat food icons that will make your designs look brighter. They are all vector icons that let you resize them as per your need.

Delicious Food Icons

delicious food icons1

Falling in love with these foods? Yes, these realistic and delicious food icons are perfect for making any design yummy! They are colorful and are perfect for any designs related to restaurants, food blogs and websites. These vector icons can be resized and used in proportion with the design.

Food Doodle Icons

food doodle icons

White Food Outline Icons

white food outline icons

Round Food Icons

round food icons

Flat Camp Food Vector Icons

flat camp food vector icons1

Restaurant Food Icon Set

restaurant food icon set

Set of Food Icons

set of food icons

High Quality Food Icons

high quality food icons

Yummy Food Vector Icons

yummy food vector icons

Free PSD Food  Icon Set

free food icon set

Flat Food Icons

flat food icons

Spicy Fast Food Icons

spicy fast food icons

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