Coming up with a website for your new travel company? It can take a lot of effort to brainstorm a fresh design. Well, looks and experience matter a lot when it comes to anything related to the hospitality industry as customers are always looking for fresh perspectives and new offers. We have made an effort to ease the work at your end with this extensive selection of travel booking icons – one of the most prominent parts of any online booking website. They come in all sorts of colors and designs and help you stick to a story and more importantly, a personality for your brand. Check them out!

Ticket Booking Icons

ticket booking icons1

From travel booking to accommodation, this would be a very useful collection of icons for any new travel portal. This does make the work of the designer easier. Whatever be the theme of the website, these modern travel booking icons can effortlessly fit into the picture. Each is offered at very high resolution for a highly responsive experience.

Vacation Rental Vector Icons

vacation rental vector icons2

A unique icon bundle for travel Booking websites, this could be worth the purchase. The collection boasts of 50 different icons that are highly representative of the service, yet feature a fresh and new look, not commonly seen. The icons would be perfect for both websites and apps.

Reservation Booking Icons Set

reservation booking icons set

Icons encourage the last step in the buying process. If you are not using something that is both intuitive and attractive, you may well be passing on the booking to a competing platform. Well, this icons pact should take care of the worries.

Flight Booking Vector Icons

flight booking vector icons

Do you provide flight booking and related services? If you have been thinking of a complete renovation of your website or come up with a new online interface, here’s an icon set that would be very useful. Featuring 40 unique icons, it can make any website / application design more intuitive.

Tour Booking Icons

tour booking icons

A collection of fifty different icons catering to travel and tourism, this would be a huge asset for any website/app designer. Highly representative, the icons also offer a fresh perspective to the common services.

Ticket Booking Line Icon Set

ticket booking line icon set

Planning to come up with a new website or application for online ticket booking services? Well, this icon set should take care of the several buttons you would want to integrate in the design.

Online Booking Icons

online booking icons

Business Reservation and Booking Icons

business reservation and booking icons

Hotel Booking Vector Icons

hotel booking vector icons

Booking Now Icons

booking now icons

Navy Booking Icon

navy booking icon1

All the icons here are offered in the highest resolution and can be put through any kind of application, ranging from app icons to big hoarding designs. We hope you have found something perfect for your unique brand. Do share your feedback on this collection.

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