People icons are perhaps some of the most commonly used symbols in the realms of web and graphic designing. These icons usually denoting gender as either male or female can be great for a website or graphic design requiring such annotation. The icons are also very common in social media profiles where they can be used to denote gender. Here is a collection of some of the top flat gender icons that you can find very useful in your designing.

Gender Vector Icons set

gender vector icons set

This set is packed with six impressive gender icons each with three variations, just to present you with diverse options. These fully vector gender icons come in solid colors, an attribute that makes them really catchy and ideal for use in assorted design projects. They are downloadable as vector EPS and AI Illustrator files.

Gender Symbol Icons

gender symbol icons

This pack features captivating flat icons with female and male human silhouettes embedded in solid color circles. These icons can be quite ideal for denoting gender on restroom, washroom or lavatory entrance. These effective info graphics tools are available for download in Vector EPS file format.

Set of People Icons

set of people icons

This set of icons featuring human flat icons with faces looks really classy and attention-grabbing. These stylish icons can be very useful in your assorted web designs requiring use of gender or human icons. Featuring men and women characters, the fully vector EPS icons can be edited easily.

Male Female Gender Vector Icons

male female gender vector icons

These icons featuring blue and purple male, female gender symbols look so elegant thanks to the high resolution of the icons. These icons can be quite ideal for use in businesses related to romance, sexuality, wedding, dating, adult content, and more. These impressive icons are fully vector.

Male and Female Icons

male and female icons

If you have been looking for attractive gender icons that can give your design project a lovely 3D feel, then this could be the right pack of icons to consider using. You can use these editable vector EPS icons on design projects related to music, partying, and more.

Man and Woman Icons

man and woman icons

This set of human icons featuring male and female could be all that you need to denote gender in your artistic work in the most explicit manner possible. The easily editable vector EPS file is ideal for use in lavatory or restrooms entry.

Flat People Avatars Icons Set

flat people avatars icons set

Looking for an outstanding way to denote gender on your design projects? Then, these icons featuring flat male and female icons can prove to be quite helpful. You can use these outstanding icons as signs for washrooms or restroom. The icons are obtainable in an EPS file.

Male and Female Sign Icon

male and female sign icon

This immense collection of sign icons featuring flat human character icons can be a very powerful designing tool for a wide range of design tasks related to business, fashion, hairdressing, modeling, and more. These vector illustration icons are available for download in EPS file.

Female Avatar Icons Set

female avatar icons set

Your info graphic design is bound to stand out clearly with these icons featuring females wearing different facial styles and nationalities. Whether it is an app, profile or social page, you will find these icons really helpful. The set of awesome icons comes in a downloadable vector EPS file format.

Gender Symbol Vector Icons

gender symbol vector icons

This set contains some of the most powerful elements that you need in your graphic designing tasks especially those requiring use of gender, male, female or even couple symbols and icons. You can download these vector icons in a layered PSD file format

Colorful Gender Icons

colorful gender icons

Gender Identities icons

gender identities icons

3D Gender Icons

3d gender icons

Sex Icon

sex icon

Boy and Girl Icon

boy and girl icon

Diverse people Avatar icons

diverse people avatar icons

Profession Religion Gender Icons

profession religion gender icons

Vector Male and Female Icon Set

vector male and female icon set

Gender Icon

gender icon

If you are working on a design project requiring gender icons, then you have definitely found this collection very helpful. Now, what remains is to follow the appropriate Internal link anchor text of your icons set of preference and use them to create your artistic work with the gender icons.

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