Black and white is a classic combination of all colours. This standard blend has been famous in tattoo designs from ages. Considering the fact that there was a lack of advance technologies and colour inks, tattoos were made only by using black ink. The white surface of skin backgrounds offer well to the black inked tattoo.

Flowers Design Tattoo For Women

flowers design tattoo for women


Anchor Tattoo on Wrist Idea

anchor tattoo design art


Attractive Floral Black and White Tattoo

attractive black and white tattoo


Though technology has emerged greatly in tattoo designing, but the demand for black and white designs still goes strong. Black and white tattoos have their unique charm. Changing trends have made it possible for creative extension of this monochrome tattoo designs. Tribal designs are still going strong and sturdy in black and white colour choices.

Unique Black Tattoo Design

black lovely tattoo design


Lotus Mandala Tattoo Idea

mandala tattoo trend


Awesome Tree Tattoo Design Idea

awesome tree tattoo design idea


Dotted Flower Tattoo for Women

desiogned tattoo for women


Black Owl Tattoo Design Idea

black dots tattoo on back


Black and White Flower Tattoo

beautiful black tattoo design


Tribal Tattoo Design

cute tattoo design looks so pretty


Black and white tattoo designs are for everyone. It suits anyone and the best thing is you can wear it on any part of the body. Girls can go for cute small tattoos on different parts of the body to showcase their delicacy. Full-sleeve black and white tattoo designs are popular with boys.

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