Tattoos are a way for you to show the world who you are, what you stand for and what you represent. Among tattoo designs for men,everyone’s favorite superhero Batman – The Dark Knight Design is one of the most popular idea. You may also See Cat Tattoo Designs

Batman Joker Tattoo

batman joker tattoo


The original Batman vs Joker logo, this tattoo features the popular Bat logo with the Classic smiling Joker’s face appearing in the center of the tattoo. It is a pagoda style color tattoo. This design is usually picked up by women and should preferably appear around the thigh.

Batman Sleeve Tattoo Design

batman sleeve tattoo design


This is more of an abstract, gothic tattoo and is a popular tattoo design for men. It features the bat logo with the Joker right in the center appearing to come out of the bat logo. The bat logo is seen bleeding purple. This will make an amazing shoulder design.

Batman Tattoo on Wrist

batman tattoo on wrist


This is a color tattoo design for men that come from the Batman Unchained series. It shows the Joker smiling with Batman right below. A purplish blue smoke appears in the background. The tattoo can start from the forearm and go all the way down to the wrist.

Creative Batman Tattoo

batman tattoo on bellow neck


This is a creative design that shows the Bat Signal, showing small black bats that come together to form a half of the bat signal and the other half shows off the Joker’s ‘Ha Ha’ in small red letters; another Batman vs Joker illustration. The black and red come together quite well to form the bat symbol. Typically this tattoo is to be placed below the neck but can be designed anywhere else as well.

Batman Mask Tattoo

batman mask tattoo


This is more of a Batman movie illustration, and is made to look almost real. This is a shoulder tattoo of The Dark Knight which can come up to his torso. While it is a color tattoo, there are very few colors in the tattoo. Special attention needs to go towards getting the mask, cape and the suit right.

Traditional Batman Tattoo

traditional batman tattoo


While this may not appear like the traditional bat tattoo, it is more of an abstract take on the bat symbol. It should appear around the thigh region, but can be placed around the biceps as well. There is a lot of design with bead and lace patterns. It is a black and white tattoo.

Batman Tattoo on Forearm

batman tattoo on forearm


This is one of the more serious takes of The Batman Mask. This is an interesting selection among tattoo designs for men: a portrait tattoo. It is a Black and grey tattoo and it is best displayed on the sleeve or forearm.

Batman Tattoo for Thigh

batman tattoo for thigh


Batman Color Tattoo

batman color tattoo


Batman Tattoo for Leg

batman tattoo for leg


Batman Tattoo on Shoulder

batman tattoo on shoulder


Batman Tattoo for Back

batman tattoo for back


The Batman series tattoos normally come under the comic geek tattoo category, however due to The Caped Crusaders popularity not just in the comic world but in films as well, it is a common choice for many. Even the Joker is quite famous among Comic book lovers.

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