Mask tattoos are very popular around the world. They are made to show the dual personality a person carries and the feeling or the actual character of a person which he might not be in public. Such mask tattoos are highly inspired by the Mandala tattoo designs. It symbolizes fear, mystery, love, agony or jealousy.

Samurai Mask Tattoo Design

Samurai Mask Tattoo Design Source

Samurai mask tattoo known as the spartan tattoos.The Samurai is a warrior of the ancient Japan which is pious according to the Japanese culture. It symbolizes pride, protection, respect, power and nobility. Such tattoos are highly carried in Japan but also are now inked worldwide.

Hannya Mask Tattoo on Shoulder

Hannya Mask Tattoo on Shoulder Source

In Japan, This one is a famous mask tattoo. The Hannya tattoo is the face of a woman with evil character, but still has some humanity in her. It symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, but at a time it also represents the inner anger and jealousy of a person.

Black and Gray Mask Tattoo Idea

Black and Gray Mask Tattoo Idea Source

Another mask tattoo defined as the oni mask tattoo which is originally from Japan. This tattoo represents both evil and good. Hence, it symbolizes good, evil, protectors, demon and tricksters etc. The wearer of this tattoo carries both the evil and good qualities.

Masquerade Mask Tattoo

Masquerade Mask Tattoo Source

Masquerade mask tattoo represents the carnival tattoos. This fancy mask was first introduced in Rome. It is a simple carnival tattoo showing fun, happiness and joy. Tattoos symbolize equality and realism. This can be made using several colours to give a charming look.

Gas Mask Tattoo Design

Gas Mask Tattoo Design Source

This mask tattoo design is very popular among the boys who have a mystery nature. The tattoo gives a glance of the worst situation during the wars. It shows the pain and suffering of the soldiers. They can be carried as a tribute to the warriors and also symbolises pain, power, strength and pride.

Theater Mask Tattoo

Theater Mask Tattoo Source

This type of tattoos mostly known as the comedy tragedy masks tattoos is inspired by the mexican tattoo design. It consists of two masks, one is happy with a bright full smile while the other is a sad face with tears. It gives a glance of the life today. It symbolizes the nature of human being which is sad at times and happy at other times.

Venetian Mask Tattoo Design

Venetian Mask Tattoo Design Source

The carnival of Venice is the origin of such tattoos. Such masks are carried by the people in the carnivals. The tattoo symbolises equality, cruelty, freedom and realism. Such tattoos are carried when one is sad from within.

Mask Tattoo on Sleeve

Mask Tattoo on Sleeve Source

This kind of mask tattoo symbolises love and affection which is hidden and cannot be expressed by the wearer to the other person. The Roses drawn around the face adds to its romantic attitude.

Evil Mask Tattoo Idea

Evil Mask Tattoo Idea Source

As the name suggest, such tattoo carries evil intentions of the wearer. It is a symbol of evil, danger, death, darkness etc. The demon is given three eyes and strong horns to give a dangerous look with a red coloured face.

Mask Tattoo on Leg

Mask Tattoo on Leg Source

This mask tattoo on the leg is also inspired by the tribal tattoo designs. The geometric shapes used in making the tattoo give it a marvellous look. The Grey and black colour shades give it a lively look. Such tattoos symbolise humanity, peace, forgiveness, etc.

Skull mask Tattoo Idea

Skull mask Tattoo Idea Source

Mask Tattoo on Back

Mask Tattoo on Back Source

Scary Mask Tattoo on Palm

Scary Mask Tattoo on Palm Source

Unique Mask Tattoo Design

Unique Mask Tattoo Design Source

Mask Tattoo on Chest

Mask Tattoo on Chest Source

Black Work Mask Tattoo

Black Work Mask Tattoo Source

Old School Mask Tattoo

Old School Mask Tattoo Source

Tribal Mask Tattoo Design

Tribal Mask Tattoo Design Source

Mask Tattoo on Head

Mask Tattoo on Head Source

Colorful Mask Tattoo Idea

Colorful Mask Tattoo Idea Source

Custom Mask Tattoo Design

Custom Mask Tattoo Design Source

The mask tattoos creates a sense of mystery for the viewer. These tattoos are used to give some specific information. Most of the sleeve tattoos carry such mask designs as it gives a full and elaborate design and outlook. These are highly carried by people who remain silent in public but can come out with an unexpected behaviour later.

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