When it comes to choosing an eye-catching tattoo design, the list is endless. Individuals who prefer designs that have a rich culture can go for a Polynesian tattoo, while those who want to portray their love for comic characters can opt for Deadpool tattoo. The popularity of this tattoo has increased since the release of the movie causing the Deadpool body art to have various symbolic meanings such as love for comics, power, quick healing and creativeness. You may also See Dove Tattoo Designs

Black and White Deadpool Tattoo

Black and White Deadpool Tattoo Source

This black and white Deadpool tattoo features the unfinished style where only the upper body of the character is inked. Incorporating guns and swords show power and a protective personality. This design looks beautiful on the arm. You may also See Tribal Tattoo Designs

Weird Deadpool Tattoo

Weird Deadpool Tattoo Source

The Deadpool character is associated with controversial meaning whereby some people view him as a villain while others as antihero. Whichever way you see this character you can express your opinion using this weird Deadpool tattoo. You may also See Squid Tattoo Designs

Deadpool Tattoo on Sleeve

Deadpool Tattoo on Sleeve Source

Lovers of both the movie as well as the Marvel comic character can opt to get a colorful Deadpool tattoo. Instead of the classic red color, this body art features a vibrant orange shade beautifully done on the sleeve.

Deadpool Symbol Tattoo Design

Deadpool Symbol Tattoo Design Source

This Deadpool symbol tattoo design features the head in a bold red and black color. It also features two swords behind the head while the eyes portray an angry mood thus symbolizing the “don’t mess with me attitude.”

Deadpool Comic Strip Tattoo

Deadpool Comic Strip Tattoo Source

Men and women who show their flirtatious and fun personality can do so by using this Deadpool comic strip tattoo. It incorporates words to help those around you to figure out what the character means to you.

Baby Deadpool Tattoo Design

Baby Deadpool Tattoo Design Source

Creativity is endless when it comes to tattoos. This baby Deadpool tattoo design will give you positive comments from any comic lover. It uses red, black, gray, orange and yellow colors to create a vibrant baby character.

Deadpool Tattoo on Leg

Deadpool Tattoo on Leg Source

If power, strength and a villain character are what you love in comic characters, then this unique Deadpool tattoo on the leg is perfect for you. It features the scary face of a zombie wearing a Deadpool mask.

Traditional Deadpool Tattoo

Traditional Deadpool Tattoo Source

If Deadpool is your favorite Marvel character then why not show your love by getting this awesome traditional Deadpool tattoo. This tribal tattoo features blood drops, flowers, a knife and the words “love never dies” in black shade.

Colorful Deadpool Tattoo Idea

 Colorful Deadpool Tattoo Idea Source

This colorful Deadpool portrays the fun side of this marvel character. The rainbow colors help the body art to look attractive while the unicorn and balloon represent a playful personality. It also features spoons, flowers, stars and a love symbol.

Deadpool Tattoo on Shoulder

Deadpool Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This tattoo is for those people who prefer a female Deadpool character. The polka dot headband, bikini outfit and high heels give this ink art a feminine trait while the different guns symbolize a tough personality.

Deadpool Wrist Tattoo Idea

Deadpool Wrist Tattoo Idea Source

Deadpool Tattoo for Thigh

Deadpool Tattoo for Thigh Source

Deadpool with Unicorn Tattoo

Deadpool with Unicorn Tattoo Source

When getting a Deadpool tattoo, it is crucial to consider your skin tone because the right color will enhance the beauty of the design. Darker skin tones tend to mute the ink color hence should go for bold outlines and bright colors. While people with pale skins look good with any ink color, those with brown skin should opt for dark colors such as blue.

Deadpool Tattoo for Palm

Deadpool Tattoo for Palm Source

Deadpool Tattoo on Forearm

Deadpool Tattoo on Forearm Source

Deadpool Snake Tattoo

Deadpool Snake Tattoo Source

While the main reason for getting a tattoo is to show it off, exposure to the sun or frequent tanning can make it fade. Apart from applying sunscreen, shaving the hair and exfoliating the skin will remove dead cells and make your tattoo brighter.

Deadpool Arm Tattoo Design

Deadpool Arm Tattoo Design Source

Black Work Deadpool Tattoo

Black Work Deadpool Tattoo Source

Modern Deadpool Tattoo

Modern Deadpool Tattoo Source

Half Sleeve Deadpoll Tattoo

Half Sleeve Deadpoll Tattoo Source

Deadpool Tattoo for Back of Ear

Deadpool Tattoo for Back of Ear Source

When it comes to choosing Deadpool tattoo, the above designs are both beautiful as well as eye catching. Tattoo designs for men incorporate symbols that portray their masculinity and personality. While there are various places you can have your Deadpool tattoo inked but the color that you choose should complement your skin tone.

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