We have today come up with a term called technology nesting that might seem weird on the first look but it is definitely something that has been breeding in our home for quite some time now. If you are still clueless about the subject, we are talking about the hanging, falling and messed up wires that have actually created a haphazard map behind your devices and appliances. If you, just like many of us have fallen prey to technology nesting we have today come up with 9 interesting and decorative ways how you can hide the wires without getting tech-twined on a daily basis.

1. Secret Compartments

secret compartments let them be a useful secret

Hide the outlets in the trap doors behind the appliances. When you need the plug, you can open the door and plug in the appliance. The hack comes in easy and handy for daily use.

2. Hidden Shelves

hidden shelves

Try and add hidden shelves or compartments in the storage spaces. This will help to maximize the space while also extending the area for covering the wires and outlets.

3. Group Outlets and Plugs

group outlets and plugs

Placing outlets and switches in a group help to double the outlets in the area you need the most and also minimize the mess. If properly placed, the plugs can also be included as a part of the design. Try and go for a size and color that is nearly same as the tiles or the walls used in the home.

4. Outlet as a Design Element


use the outlet as a design element

Make the outlets as a design feature by correlating the style of the space with the outlet. If you have horizontal tiles in the home, try and turn the outlet to the same position for the switch to seamlessly blend with the pattern rather than coming out as an eyesore.

5. Outlets Under the Cabinets

outlets under the cabinets

You can also tuck the outlets under the cabinets by placing a plug strip behind the under cabinet lights. This clever hack will help to remove the unsightly plugs while also solving the required purpose.

6. Cords: An Artistic Feature

make the cords an artistic feature

If you have a knack for creativity, try and turn the cords and cables into an expressive piece of wall art. If you push your creative limits, we are certain you will find a way to integrate them into the decor.

7. Decorative Box Outlets

use a decorative box

Instead of letting the wires loose across the floor, try putting them in an organized manner in a decorative cardboard box. Customize and decorate the box as per your personal preference.

8. Decorate the Switches

use stickers to decorate the switches

Use tape or stickers to decorate around the switches for making the look interesting and appealing. If done right, this interesting and creative sketch can also help to remind the kids to save electricity.

9. Power Cord Up!

power cord up

If you think hiding the cables in drawers or boxes is too old fashioned and mainstream, then transforming them into power lines for miniature electrical towers is one imaginative way to turn around the look. Unique and impressive, the modification will certainly get your cords and idea noticed and appreciated.

It is natural to hide the things you don’t wish to show, but no one said you cannot be creative while doing so.

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