With Fall transcending our mood into incorporating more moody and dark spaces, it is certainly a perfect time to think about adding black to the interiors of our home. While all black is a major downer for the bedroom and living rooms, the look can certainly work pretty decently with the interiors of the kitchen. If you are still sceptical, these 10 all black kitchens might just transfer you to the dark side.

1. Black Cabinets and Countertops


While you might think that all black interiors can be too overwhelming and off-putting, they actually work well with an abundant source of natural light. If your kitchen has small windows, try combining black with white for a classic turnover to space.

2. Hues and Tones of Black

Don’t resist yourself from experimenting with the color. Black offers a varied range of choices to suit any style and decor of the kitchen. This home uses warm blackish grey as the theme color in the kitchen. Furthermore, the color is beautifully matched with the navy cabinets and just a touch of red.

3. Black Tiles

Black zellige tiles add an inked beauty to this all black kitchen. With a warm grey wall color, green chairs and white floor, the look of the kitchen comes out classy and sophisticated.

4. Artistic Black Kitchen


This beautiful and creative black kitchen does not just limit the usage of the solid shade to the cabinets and wall, the kitchen with the artistic op-art wallpaper treatment on the ceiling instantly draws the attention of the eye. Sleek black wood-veneer cabinets and black marble counter tops maintain a streamlined look and mirrored back splash makes the space look bright by bouncing off the natural light.

5. Black Matched With Wood

This all black open plan kitchen is beautifully balanced with wooden dining table and full-length slider window pane door frames. The blend of ceiling lights and white lamps further accentuate the look of a black kitchen.

6. All Black-Grey Kitchen

This beautiful and deep moody-grey home carries the perfect all over black look with grey floor mat, ceiling and cabinets. The simple and minimal inclusion of green potted plants and lamps turn around the complete look of the room.

7. Customized Black Kitchen


The subtle mix of black and brown adds a gradient touch to the kitchen. The chosen hue adds a sense of warmth to the dark space. The yellow colored counter stool adds the missing dash of color, making the overall appearance look glamorous and unexpected.

8. Vibrant Black Kitchen

The dark black kitchen gets a touch of vibrancy with the addition of hot pink beneath the sink area. The color helps to break the dark monotony and also bring a touch of personality and flavor to space.

9. Industrial Black Kitchen

This industrial style kitchen uses the vintage workbench as a table. The dark cabinets and appliances put stress on the items placed on the open shelves. The unique dark teapots and vessels extend further on the all black look.

10. Contemporary Black Kitchen


This contemporary style black kitchen uses a mix of modern and industrial with corrugated ceiling and glass garage door. The concrete countertops and stainless steel accents match well with the all black cabinets.

Go the unusual route by upgrading your kitchen with a dark toned themed modification.

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