Artworks, whether minimal or elaborate hold the potential to enhance the look of your living room or bedroom. As much as we love the creative masterpieces, it can sometimes be quite expensive to custom frame the loved pieces in your home. If you are one of the many people who are facing a frame induced block, we have today compiled a list of 10 ways to display the artwork beautifully without the need for a frame.

1. Make Use of Creative Hangers

make use of creative hangers

If you have selected a spot for hanging the multiple small pieces of artwork, we would suggest you opt for the wooden trouser hangers for displaying the artwork. Minimalist and simple, the look comes out even bright and beautiful against a solid neutral or hued background.

2. Metal Clips and Wires

metal clips and wires

If your artwork is not very heavy and can be placed in close quarters, then using metal clips and wires can be a great option for displaying the artwork. The wires and clips will help to create a streamlined display of artwork on the wall.

3. Washi Tape Frame

washi tape frame

washi tape frame1

Would you ever think that our good old washi tape could act as a brilliant frame for the artworks in the home? Yes, it is indeed true, with the wide variety of patterns and colors available, you can actually modify how bright or modern you want your space to look like.

4. Cooper Bulldog Clips

cooper bulldog clips

The large copper bulldog clips make for a stylish and super duper easy way to showcase a non-framed artwork. You can mix a few of these into the gallery wall for a diverse and eclectic touch.

5. Canvas Artwork

canvas artwork

Consider creating your artwork on a stretched canvas, as it does not require any framing and is extremely lightweight to hang irrespective of the size.

6. Woodblock Print Artwork

woodblock print artwork

Woodblock print artworks look beautiful and are a great choice for hanging artwork without a fancy frame. With a raw and organic feel, the woodblock prints lend an antique touch to space.

7. Wooden Cleat

wooden cleat

The Wooden cleat is an elegant and minimalist way to secure the unframed artwork. Simple and affordable, the cleat can instantly transform your simple painting or photograph into an elegant feature for your space.

8. Magnetic Photo Rope

magnetic photo rope

magnetic photo rope1

Magnetic photo rope gives a colourful spin to the hanging photos on the wire trend. The photo ropes come in a variety of colours and make space for bright and attractive displays.

9. Magnetic Frame

magnetic frame

The magnetic frame can be a simple and easy way to frame your artwork or creative piece in a fast, simple and beautiful way.

10. Unconventional Curtain Rods

unconventional curtain rods

unconventional curtain rods1

Antique curtain rods act as a great idea for displaying the artworks with the help of metal ring clips. Sturdy in nature, the rods can hold both the regular framed or unframed artworks and they can also be fixed in the kid’s room for hanging their multiple pieces of drawings.

Pick the one style that complements well with your space and gives your artwork at home an artistic and unconventional upgrade.

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