Essential in everyone’s wardrobe, denim is definitely one piece of attire that has managed to carry forward its effortless charm regardless of the season and the age. Whether you have 5, 10 or 100 pairs in your closet we are certain you will agree that there is always space for one more. If you are looking for some denim inspiration we have today compiled a list of 10 styles that will dominate 2017.

1. Flared Jeans

flared jeans

Along with the high rise trend that has taken our bottom wear by storm, the flared high rise jeans are definitely one way to get the best of both worlds without being over or underdone.

2. Wide Leg and Bootcut Hem

wide leg and bootcut hem

Well, a slim cut jeans is not going out of style anytime soon, but if you are looking to expand out the space for the denim in your closet, then we would suggest you go for ultra-wide legs or cropped flares with 70s bells and boot-cut silhouettes. The bigger and breezier hems might just be the ‘cool’ style to opt for the spring.

3. Deep Faded White Jeans

deep faded white jeans

This year is all about deeper, darker washed jeans that carry a natural and styled distressed look. Opt for this distressed style in an earthy white hue. This neutral pair will literally go with everything and will look equally good in all seasons.

4. Patchwork Jeans

patchwork jeans

Giving a nod to the look of the 70s, the patchwork jeans with artful embellishments have taken on the role of a creative canvas. Give a quirky and artistic edge to your daily wear with an engaging and artful pair.

5. Bleached Jeans

bleached jeans

Light up your look for the coming spring and summers with deeply muted pale shades that will give you plenty of space to experiment with colors and style.

6. Low Rise Bootcut Jeans

low rise bootcut jeans

Featuring a faded effect in light blue color, the low rise denim with slightly cropped leg and frayed hems are best suited to extend the vintage appeal. Style the jeans with bow shirts or simple solid t-shirts for a carefree and fun appearance.

7. Feather Weight Denims

feather weight denims

Lightweight denim fabrics with a soft hand feel extend a comforting vibe to the sturdy fabric. The soft feel and texture match well with the subtle indigo color of the fabric.

8. Two-Tone Gradient Washes

two tone gradient washes

Gradient ombre style jeans in two complementing tones help in creating a dramatic contrast especially when bleach has been used to provide a whitening tone to the jeans.

9. Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans

embroidered boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans were a huge hit in 2016 and they continue being one of the most popular choices for denim only with a revamped embroidered option. With minimal to extensive details, the embroidered jeans are easy to style and they also lend a soft vibe to the overall outfit.

Pick your favorite denim style and get ready for the fashionable spring summer 2017.

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