An important element in the interface design of the mobiles, toggle buttons are widely in use in many of the website user interfaces. These buttons are found with all mobile interfaces ranging from Apple’s iPhone to those android and windows. Toggle switches assume two positions: on and off buttons and is used for either connecting or breaking the connection with an electric circuit; similar to that of a switch on the switchboards. Presently; these switches are forming a part of both the development and web designing industry being frequently used with the UI design with video buttons. With their cool look; not only they really enhance the design of the mobile user interface but also give an attractive touch to your website user interface.

Keeping into concern the difficulties one faces with the creation of toggle buttons from scratches; here are a list of 8 Cool Toggle buttons UI Elements coming in a form of PSD File which is available to you at a free cost and can be incorporated into your design easily. The most interesting fact about most of these switches is that few of them come with video buttons. Also breaking the monotony of red and green colored switches; you get gray buttons for indicating both ON and OFF state.

Toggle PSD On and Off Button Design

toggle psd on and off button design

This is a non-layered toggle button design best fitted for Adobe version CS. The Graphics PSD file comes with an illustration of the vector shaped buttons and a JPG image of the same.

Flat Photoshop Toggle Buttons

flat photoshop toggle button

This high-resolution flat style Photoshop toggle switch set comes in various sizes fitting all the needs of your project. The file consists of vector illustration of the switch and one JPG image of the same.

On and Off Switch Toggle Button PSD

on and off switch toggle button psd

With one green and red lighted on and off button; this toggle switch PSD comes in EPS file type of 13.12 MB consisting of the vector illustration and one JPG image. The minimum adobe version required for its functioning is CS1+.

Toggle Switch Social Media Buttons

toggle switch social media buttons

This set consists of 9 toggle social media switches which one can use when in need of sharing multiple services at the same time. The best part of this switch set is that it allows you to be creative with the usage. The set you receive consists of 1 PSD file, a JPG preview image and one help file with the required instructions. However, these are not high-resolution switches but are layered and are suitable for adobe CS5 version.

Toggle Style On/Off Button

toggle style on and off button

Another set of high-resolution buttons, toggle style ON/OFF button comes in various sizes fitting every need associated with your project. You get a hand with 1 PSD file consisting the vector illustration and one JPG image of the switch. Also to make your task easier in understanding the designing pattern; you are provided with a help file.

Transparent PNG Touch Screen Toggle Button

transparent png touch screen toggle button

This layered transparent PNG toggle button is one of the buttons which is touch screen friendly and is built up carefully with vector shaped layers. It offers you the biggest advantage of placing freely toggle switches for both small and bigger interfaces like mobiles and IPad respectively. The minimum adobe version required for its functioning is CS2.

Vector Toggle Switch Button

vector toggle switch button

Coming in red and green as well as gray buttons variation, these vector toggle switch buttons are available in high resolution fitting almost all necessities related to your project.

Black and White PSD Toggle Button

black and white psd toggle button

This black and white free PSD toggle button comes to you with 1 PSD file consisting of the vector illustration, JPG image and 1 help file making the designing easier for you to understand.

Dark Essential Toggle PSD Buttons

dark essential toggle psd buttons

Simple Toggle PSD Buttons

simple toggle psd buttons

Download Free PSD On and Off Toggle Buttons

download free psd on and off toggle buttons

Toggle Switch Free PSD

toggle switch free psd

On and Off Switches and Toggle PSD Design

on and off switches and toggle psd design

Free Toggle On and Off Switch PSD

free toggle on and off switch psd

Dark Active and Inactive Toggle Buttons

dark active and inactive toggle buttons

Metal Toggle Add and Remove Button

metal toggle add and remove button

Sleek Progress Bar and Toggle PSD Buttons

sleek progress bar and toggle psd buttons

Toggle Switch Buttons Variations

toggle switch buttons variations

Toggle Switches with Lights and Shadow PSD

toggle switches with lights and shadow psd

Colored Toggle Switch Buttons Psd

colored toggle switch buttons psd

Simple On and Off Buttons

simple on and off buttons

This report aims to ease your difficulty in searching for free cool toggle button PSD which you can incorporate in your mobile or website user interface design. Eliminating your problems while you get a compact detail of 8 best toggle buttons. Check them out individually to select the one best fitting your requirements.

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