Metro style is basically created by Microsoft mainly for user interfaces or UIs. Their key principle is to focus more on the content of the applications, and to rely more on the arrangement and appearance of printed letters on the page and less on the graphics.

200+ Unique Metro Style Icons

200 unique metro style icons

100 Metro Style Icons

100 metro style icons

Metro Style Buttons

metro style buttons

Metro style buttons weren’t in the market before the year 2012 because it started together with the arrival of Microsoft Windows 8 and made the whole Windows app more absorbing. Microsoft changed it metro stylebranding to a new facade which looks like tiles in Windows Phones.

Metro Style Website Buttons

metro style website buttons

Metro Style Icons

metro style icons

Metro Style Arrow Buttons

metro style arrow buttons

Modern Metro Social Media Icons

modern metro social media icons

Metro Icon Pack

metro icon set

Free Metro Style Buttons

free metro style buttons

Metro Style Web Icons

metro style web icons

Basic Sign Button

basic sign button

Open Book Metro Style Buttons

open book metro style buttons

20+ Metro Style Buttons

20 metro style buttons

UI Flat Design Buttons

ui flat design buttons

Metro Style Mobile Phone Icons

metro style mobile phone icons

Metro Style Play Button Icon

metro style play button icon

Computer Network Button Series

computer network button series

Human Metro Style Buttons

human metro style buttons

25 Metro Button Designs

25 metro style buttons

Metro Style System Icons

metro style system icons

Simple Rounded Hexagon Internet Button

simple rounded hexagon internet button

Website Interface Metro Style Buttons

website interface metro style buttons

12 Metro Look Buttons

12 metro style buttons

Battery Charging Metro Style Icon

battery charging metrostyle icon

Metro style buttons appear to look like tiles with different colors, so as to show an engrossing look and immerse all users to their application. Microsoft has used very modern, fast and immersive to be able to describe its Windows 8 OS.

Metro style buttons and apps are expected to look very similar to each other, and users see almost no difference in look and feel. This change was remarkable because now they are designed to do just well. They look better and can offer so much better UX or user experience. However, no matter how great they look now, their rules are still under development. They might change something here and there, but only to make the user experience so much better.

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