Delicious Buttons have come to be known as the ideal social media buttons. This is because they help you manage, save and share numerous pages in any centralized source. Buttons are of several types, notable among which are the Like  and Multimedia buttons. These incidentally are found on any social media platform and message because they are recognized and accepted as very powerful tools for social bookmarking.

Delicious Green Buttons

delicious buttons

These are psd buttons and are fully editable.Available in 2 colors: gray and green.Buttons are of 3 types and states Hover/ Normal/Clicked

Delicious Share Buttons

delicious share button

A set of 18 social button types. Easily editable PSD Files with organized layers. The font used is Light Helvetica –Normal. Non- High Resolution and Graphics Files created with Transparent PNG and Photoshop PSD adaptable to Minimum Adobe CS Version.

Delicious Green Glossy Buttons

delicious green glossy button

Green colored buttons having symbols For 72 DPI Web Use, small size is 15.9 cm x 10.6 cm JPG file, Pixel size: 450 px X 300 px. Medium Size: 29.9 cm x 19.9 cm; Pixel Size: 848 px x 565 px. For 300 DPI Print or Web Use: Medium Large: 9.5 cm X 14.2 cm; Pixel Size : 1678 px X 1119 px Large: 14.1 cm X 21.2 cm JPG file; Pixel Size : 2508 px X 1672 px Extra Large : 21.6 cm X 32.4 cm JPG file; 2554 px X 3831 px. XXL : JPG file of 36.2 cm x 24.1 cm size; Pixel Size – 4272 px X 2848 px 34.81 MB. XXL : TIFF file of 45.2 cm x 30.1 cm size; Pixel Size : 5340 px X 3560 px 54.39 MB For Use In Social Media Custom Size editable with the 123RF Editor.

Delicious Flat Style Buttons

delicious flat style buttons

A set of high-resolution buttons specifically for gaming that is available in several sizes to suit specific needs.

Delicious App Store Buttons

delicious app store buttons

This is a set of nine gorgeous buttons for an app store. All fonts and graphics are fully customizable as are the colors. The pack contains three versions: Download, Android, and App store, a total of twenty-seven buttons; fonts are downloadable from help file; clearly labeled elements in folders and color change guide also provided. The graphics files have been created using Photoshop PSD and are adaptable to the Minimum Adobe CS 2 Version. Pixel size is 186 px X 78px.

Delicious Blue Buttons

delicious blue buttons

Created in a most soothing and attractive shade of cool blue, the button types and states are Delicious, Hover and Active. Colors are changeable and buttons may be resized also.

Delicious High Impact Web Buttons

delicious high impact web buttons

A set of 26 buttons that are easily customizable and fully editable. In design terms, these are beautifully detailed and have a high impact. They come in one PSD file. You can also change shapes adding new ones while layered shape vectors also make it easy for customization and resizing. PSD files contain notes, named and grouped layers. You can even put in glossy text created by Delicious. Graphic files have been created using JPG Image and Photoshop PSD and are adaptable to the Minimum Adobe CS 3 Version. Pixel Dimensions are 2000 px X 1390 px.

Delicious Square Social Media Buttons

delicious square social media buttons

The pixel size of these social media buttons is 480 px X 464 px and the overall file size is 16.9cm x 16.4cm. For 72 DPI Web Use:Small size is 28.2cm x 27.3cm; Pixel size: 800x774px Medium Size : 14.9cm x 14.4cm; Pixel Size :1761 px X 1703px Large Size : 19.2cm x 18.6cm; Pixel Size : 2273 px X 2198px; Resolution : 300 DPI; File Size : 1.1MB.

Delicious  PSD Buttons

delicious psd buttons

A set of 18 button types in three sizes and styles. A total pack has 162 buttons of different types, excluding color combinations. CS+ PSD File with organized layers, easily editable and comes also with a Help File. Used fonts are : Helvetica Regular & Bebas Neue. Graphics files created through Photoshop PSD and adaptable to Minimum Adobe CS Version. The pixel size is 800 px X 800 px.

Delicious App Store Chunky Buttons

delicious app store chunky buttons

Delicious Website Navigation Buttons

delicious website navigation buttons

Delicious Blank Orange Web Buttons

delicious blank orange web buttons

Colorful Delicious Download Buttons

colorful delicious download buttons

Delicious Long Round Buttons

delicious long round buttons

In sum, buttons have now become indispensable for social bookmarking because your bookmark is now shareable with others who use a specific RSS or URL feed with accessibility from any Internet–connected computer. Twitter buttons are ideal for organizing all your daily Twitter content and for sharing all blog posts that come in from other social media platforms like Facebook. Buttons also help you with your action plans, backlink recording, social mentions, writing showcase, exporting your bookmarks while also downloading them as HTML files.

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